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  1. Hello as described before i am tinkering with automatic watches and some times I collect parts together and make a Franken watch because it's a fun thing to do and I like wearing them by the fact that it is me who made it work again Let me point out that I never sell the watches that I make from different parts even though it is original parts I only do this because it's fun. I have got my hands on an omega body 166.002 with the Crystal and it's original shape as I know the Omega body with this reference number is with a 565 movement and is born with either the Seamaster writing on the dial or Geneve correct me if I am wrong. To this case I have got my hands on a beautiful movement and a dial with the Geneve printing on but as I see it to align the crown stem on the movement with the case I need to assemble it with The dial between the case and the Crystal? Is this right? so far of my knowledge this is not right do have to track down the right dial which is mounted all throug the back of the case. But as I see it in the Crystal steel ring there is a milled recess what is this meant for? is this for mounting the dial into this pictures are on their way!! Best regards
  2. Hello Thank you for having such a great forum!! in my spare time I am tinkering with many sorts of watches especially old automatic watches and I am having a weakness for old omega watches especially from the 60's I am not a watchmaker I'm just an amateur but I have been working with this for quite a long time now even though I am challenged by the complexity of some movements and set ups but I am learning one step at a time Again thank you for having this great forum and letting me participate with the small amount of knowledge I have! best regards
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