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  1. Hey guys! Just wanted to thank you because of you guys sharing all this information I got to put back a similar citizen for my dad! I did not find any info on the movement (maybe did not use the right words) so took the thing apart blindly.... But just before putting back together I found this thread and got the manual someone shared! Thanks a lot.
  2. Hey ... I just serviced a similar one with a 5470 inside. And it had a retainer ring.... That was a big tricky to take out but that came out at the end. The retainer ring is actually where the screws sit to hold the movement in place.
  3. Hey guys. Watch enthusiast and beginner tinker here! I have a little project for some of my watches, but that not concern the movement this time. Hope it is okay for the forum admins. I wish to do some painting mods in some vintage watches dials. In order to do that I am looking for the best way to prepare the dial surface for improve the adhérence of the subsequent painting layer. Please correct me if I am wrong but most dials are in brass right? Wich would be the best primer to use, and way to prepare the surface. I am thinking to use acrylic or oil paint to for my project. Any help will be most appreciated. David
  4. Hello there. I cannot say if there is a substitute .... Need to keep in mind the 3d44 is a two hand movement. I looked again and you can find them, here in China, on Taobao for really cheap. Check out on Ali .... You may get lucky since a lot of sellers there are the same. Good luck David
  5. Hello. Cannot identify it myself.... But check out the advanced research on the Ranfft database. It should help you. http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-2uswk.cgi?1&ranfft Sorry I cannot make the research myself now.... But I am looking forward to reading more.
  6. Okay cannot help you .... But just wanted to wish you luck and success for your project. I hope one day I can get my hands on one of those to work on myself. If you get it done I would like to see the results.
  7. Great info@Nucejoe. Thanks for all your help! Gonna check that out closely.
  8. Hi Joe. Thanks for your answer. I haven't see that video and it seems I cannot find the link. What thread did he posted it in? And thanks for sharing your experiences as well. That's the kind of issues I would not expect..... As soon as I finish moving to my new place I will work on it I am looking forward to see it working fine. As for the oils I followed the procedure described in the 2836 technical sheet from ETA and Mark's video for the 2824 mvt. I am using Molykote DX, Moebius HP1300, 9415 and 8000 (On an old moebius chart I found the 8000 was cited along the 9010) I recently bought the HP1300 and 9415 but tried to keep the facture controlled. The 8000 I bought it when I first started and I moving slowly to a more serious approach. So for the automatic module I used HP1300 (D5) for the transfer wheel and the 8000 for the jewels of the reverse wheels and the reduction wheel. Note that I did not clean the Reverse wheels as advice.... So maybe the oil inside is not doing a proper job either. Anyway. I keep on looking....just know I keep checking the reserve after a 60tour manual wind. PS. Let some photos of the beast! Before and after. I'd did not buy because I liked it the look but mostly for the movement. So I modded it and will have more changes in the future.
  9. Hi. Back again with my questions. @Nucejoe. I checked the websites and yes I know they are good sources for parts. However living currently in China makes deliveries a bit complicated. Will see. As for my questions..... I am currently checking the behaviour of the 2834 after service. When worn it runs fine.... But when I put it back in the shelf it stops after a couple of hours. I manual wound it to check and it has been running for more than 30 hours sitting on a shelf dial up. So it tells me that mainspring is keeping energy.... So the problem might come from the automatic mechanism. I tried to check it and it seems to engage the ratchet wheel as expected so I do not know where the problem might come from. Can it be the rotor bearing or maybe the reduction wheels that are just tired and need a change? How can I estimate the probable cause to buy the right parts.... Without buying all'of them! Thanks for the help!
  10. Thanks a lot Joe for the information. I've come by those websites once in a while but I keep forgetting to go back and check for infos. I need to bookmark them. Sometimes the problem is also knowing what I am looking for (lol) .... Still a beginner. Anyway.... I think they will come in handy with my latest project a 2834 I am trying to save..... Followed the technical sheet, I learned a lot but I have some trouble with the Quickset feature, the keyless work and the power reserve. However is running beautiffully when worn. I think the movement was a bit abused and some parts are a bit tired. Will start all over again after looking for the parts I think are faulting. (With my impatience it is a bit upsetting, but I know it is a good practice and learning process)
  11. Thanks guys for the infos. I am currently servicing a 2834 that I got for around 25 bucks in a flea market. I can source parts so I feel.more confident now.... However that watch is a 2000 dollars one....(more expensive one I have might be 120) ... And being an Élaboré or top movement I didn't want to take the risk. Out of curiosity. During a service they systematically change the mainspring? Gonna see the updates and will let you know. As for now..... I think it maybe a problem with a weak automatic mechanism. I've seen sources for the bearing of the rotor..... May I ask you on how to change it? Thanks again.
  12. Hello Guys, Some time ago a friend of mine told about his watch that he wasn't wearing much because he felt it wasn't keeping charge as expected. A Maurice Lacroix with a 2836 mouvement (Élaboré or Top, not sure) that would stop within a day after been wear. He changes for an Apple watch for work reasons. I used it for bit to see how it behaves and on regular use it was Ok (as I can say with my short experience). Being an expensive watch and because of my little experience I didn't feel like servicing it myself, to much of a risk. So I advice him to take in for service (apparently he had it for ten years without one... So it couldn't be harmful) We used a workshop where I repaired a vintage Omega before. Everything went as expected and the watch seemed to work as expected afterwards. However he told in the last couple of days that it is behaving as before - stoping apparently within a period of 24h. Well I cannot say I have seen it myself so.... But as I am learning I come to you for information. As I understand the problem might come from the mainspring - insufficiently cleaned/oiled, maybe one that need to be changed?. Second supposition the watch is not charging as intended while being wear. But what may cause that? Would not attack it myself .... But I would.like to help my friend to point the possible problem to the workshop. Thanks in advance for all your help. David
  13. Okay..... So after keep looking the movement without a clue on what's going on, I decided to take use a drastic solution : take out the stop lever. I kept on seeing the way it moves into the second wheel to stop it. It also has a long arm that I guessed make some kind of contact with the battery or the upper bridge that touches the battery (positive (+) pole). After trying to move it see if I could make it work, without results..... I just took the bridge and took it out (tried it first on the damaged mvt) Put back the bridge together and it works. Since it is a two hand movement (min-hour) It doesn't really bother I think. I will keep it under observation. Before closing the whole thing again. It bothers me that I couldn't find the trouble but...... It seems to work!
  14. Thanks for all your answers guys! @nickelsilver that was my first thought. So both movements are the same caliber and the stems look the same. I do not know how it could be shorter since the movement t fits exactly at the same spot through the dial feets. Anyway..... I tried with the new stem as well without trim it without another crown(because I still do not know how to take out the crown to reuse it) and the same happens. And.... The stem holds well in place, change positions normally (as far as I can tell) I can set the time correctly. So that left me clueless. It is very curious.
  15. Hello everyone. I took on a little hopeless project for a friend. He gave me a watch that her girlfriend bought at a flea market and was not working. Since the watch is nothing special every watch shop turned him down. I took it to make a movement swap .... Cheap and straightforward. Found the reference on the movement and bought a new one.... It was easy to find. I received it today and put it back on the watch. With the stem back in place I placed the battery and the movement ticks..... Everything normal. However when I pulled the stem to set the time the movement stops. Nothing weird there have seen a couple quartz (not sure if all of them) that hack. But when putting the stem back in place it does not run again. Tried it a couple of times with different batteries and the original and the new stem.... And it seems to do the same. So I am curious if there is a problem that I can look for from your experience. Or something I missed when putting the watch back together. Any lead would be greatly appreciated. First photo is with the new mvt..... The others the old one!
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