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  1. Omega Seamaster Co-axial chronometer....Not too shabby an entry! J
  2. Yes this one has three mag windows in the crystal...I used to have one of these but sold it a while ago. J
  3. We'll need a pic of the completed piece! Joe
  4. Yes, the seconds are friction fitted and can be removed using a pair of hand levers or .80mm screwdrivers inserted into the small slots seen in the picture. Apply steady, upward pressure...not too much because the seconds disc may warp if you push up too hard. Slow and steady. Here a link to a jump hour overhaul I did a few years ago
  5. Its great to have so many knowledgeable people to learn from, yes? I've rewound a few mainsprings the wrong way in my day, and its something that one learns to quickly be very careful about because you have to take most of the watch apart to get to the mainspring. If you just starting out, take a picture of the mainspring orientation as soon as you open the barrel, and that way you can figure out which way it is supposed to be rewound once you get everything clean--very helpful especially with auto-winding mechanisms. J
  6. The image shows a left winding mainspring. Welcome to the forum! J
  7. I also clean balance assemblies in Naphtha (lighter fluid() and it dissolves all crud and dries with no residue--just work with lidded jars and in a ventilated area. J
  8. Very nice Heuer Chrono "leftie"! What powers it? Cal. 11? J
  9. Yes I forgot about those pesky Brac and Ronda pin levers. Its a nightmare trying to gear train plates on those things. J
  10. Its more than a bit different, it IS different! I've not not seen a jeweled pin levers besides the widely available Baumgartner and Bettlach calibers. I like your post...thanks. J
  11. Yes, you really need to use a crystal press or it will not seat properly. You MUST use a crystal press. J
  12. Doesn't Tianjin make chronos? I believe they're called Seagulls, but this isn't one of those. You are correct JDM, the subdials on the movement I suggested usually indicate day of the week, month or some other thing like lunar cycle. IN the case of this faux Speedy, it is possible they simply spin around with no real elapsed time function--looks that way from the photo too! Joe
  13. The watch isn't authentic, but you probably knew that. You might be able to find a replacement Chinese chrono movement.
  14. Haven't had much time because of work to follow up on this project, but today I drilled the dual holes into the case....I have to order the plexi and then ask @bjd1020 to try printout out a case back, although I might also try out a stainless steel caseback from a similarly sized watch. J
  15. On the dial side it looks like the subdials are functional, but not as true chrono. J
  16. I second @jdm. The movement should be replaced. It looks like a Chinese DG3836. Measure the overall height to confirm. This one I found on Esslinger... J
  17. Nice sunburst dial, and I've always preferred sub seconds in a dress watch. The movement reminds me of the AS 1130 J
  18. Are those decorative CORK inserts?!? Joe
  19. Ah, yes- OK. The bridge is NOT in place in this pic, and you can see that the pallet fork is angled in towards the escape wheel. This is the preliminary position of the pallet fork just before the bridge is placed over the pivot and adjusted with tweezers. J
  20. Do you mean the pallet fork? It is held in place at the jeweled end of this bridge....
  21. Wow thanks! I still have one of my original Sicura jump hour, and have many extra parts, so feel free to ask. J
  22. I think it's great to see a listing that really has the seller's personality showing through...and he took great pictures of the movements and everything! A+ J
  23. Most watchmakers will not work on a pin lever because although they are simple in construction, they can be challenging to assemble because of the inexpensive method of construction. Before I learned how to do complete overhauls myself, I asked (via email) a well known watchmaker on the east coast if he would overhaul my 17 jewel Sicura jump hour. "That's not the kind of watch I'd want to work on..." was the reply. Watch-bias and snobbery can be pervasive in some circles. J
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