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  1. Are the hands catching on each other or the crystal ? is it stopping in the same place
  2. I have had trouble with generic crystals before on Rolex Oyster cases , some won't go for love nor money and others have fitted a treat. They have always been Sternkreuz crystals that i've used so I guess there manufacturing tolerances aren't that of Rolex. Haven't tried a sapphire crystal though to be fair
  3. Heres a pic of the movement for reference , couldn't really see anything on Jules Borel that was similar unfortunately
  4. Another little thing as well as the above mentioned is make sure the caseback die is big enough , a to small a die tends to just exert pressure on the middle of the caseback therefore flexing the caseback edges out a little thus making the back bigger and harder to get on . You want the die to be as big as the caseback really and as also mentioned , some can put up a good fight
  5. Hi guys I need a Akita 9AC movement for a friends dress watch , Cousins show them as obsolete and I can't get any joy from searching the internet. I have a search saved with Ebay but that has also drawn a blank so far (about 3 months at the moment) Just wondered if anyone had any sources or suggestions or even a movement in their parts bin . The watch has no value other than sentimental as it was given to him and inscribed by his ex workmates. Thought about trying a Miyota movement or similar but didn't really want to do that , as would rather get the correct movement if at all possib
  6. Thanks for the help guys i've ordered one from Cousins hopefully be ok cheers Andy
  7. Many thanks for that it isn't actually a tension ring its actually attached to the glass which is flat mineral glass with a polished inside edge diameter is 310 and thickness is 1.58 , could use a normal mineral crystal probably but it wouldn't have the gold ring , so wouldn't really look right
  8. Hi guys I've got a friends Seiko 7T62-0fd0 that needs a new crystal , on Cousins site they list 2 the 310p03hn02 which is obsolete and the 310po3hb0a which they have in stock , I have searched through the internet for reference on the codes but can't find out if the obsolete crystal has been succeeded by the in stock one or whether they are different? The crystal in the watch has a gold ring on the actual crystal (doesn't come off) so if the replacement doesn't it's going to look a little odd i would imagine. It's £20 plus vat etc etc and as we know Cousins won't take it back if i
  9. Just a heads up , saw this whilst browsing Ebay and know they are reasonably sought after now they are no longer made , not cheap but they don't seem to be nowadays , does say or best offer to , so might get a bargain ? no connection with seller etc etc https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-Bergeon-Platax-Tool-no-2677-Balance-and-Roller-Remover/253987107037?hash=item3b22cfb0dd:g:cCMAAOSwF5Vb4-hb:rk:41:pf:0
  10. On that particular watch there is a button A on the case you pull crown out to the hand setting position and depress button A with a pen for 3 seconds http://www.citizenwatch-global.com/support/pdf/e760/e.pdf
  11. I have just put the old capacitor back in to see if that charges , if it does I will have another play with it . I noticed there is an AC contact on the movement so if it does charge I will try that as well
  12. The hour and minute hand spin round freely but the second hand doesn't budge , the seconds are pulsing on the boxes sensor but no movement at all from the seconds hand not even a twitch
  13. I will give it a whizz and report back
  14. Funnily enough I have got one of those and did try to spin it up on it very briefly but didn't go to mad incase it did more harm than good but nothing ventured nothing gained I shall give it another blast , whats the worst that could happen lol
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