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  1. Hi everyone I saw this lathe online and I'm wondering if it could manufacture a watch from scratch? I'm attaching pictures.
  2. I use my graver against the lathe and turn it by hand, works every time.
  3. Hi everyone, I noticed there a crack the collet end of the tailstock spindle and when I tighten the collet the crack gets bigger and renders the tailstock useless, I searched for a replacement but I couldnt find any, do you think it can be made and how much would I have to pay approximately? Thanks a lot
  4. There's one right now on ebay, type lorus v531 its a mickey mouse watch and its running.
  5. Fred

    Making spade drills

    Thanks for the replies everyone. Nickelsilver and Praezis, do you anneal the steel before making the drill? I'm trying to use blued steel, is it possible to make a drill from it or am I just wasting my time? Thanks a lot everyone
  6. Hi everyone, Yesterday I made a spade drill for the first time following the instructions on the Chicago watchmaking school books, now I'm wondering if its possible to make a 0.10mm drill. Has anyone ever tried making one? Thanks alot
  7. Fred

    Caravelle with 11 DP movement

    I was in the same situation, what I did was to find this 11dp movement listed as not working but balance swings fine. I bought it shipped for $4, the balance worked amazingly well.
  8. Fred

    ETA 2824-2 Stem Question

    Are you sure it's 2824-2? Im quite sure the stems are different from the 2824-1.
  9. Fred

    Minute hand problems....

    Loose time setting, minutes not moving, definitely a loose cannon pinion, happened to me many times.
  10. I use these two pill organizer from Dollar tree, I use the 7 day pills on the bench and the 14 pills for spare watch parts and other small stuff.
  11. This looks like something I saw recently in an article or forum post that's related to vibrating hairspring procedure, but I'm not sure.
  12. Hey everyone, Do you know if repainting numbers on this date wheel is possible(picture attached) either by hand or some kind of metal dies like those used in engraving by jewellers? Did anyone ever tried or read something on the subject? Thanks alot guys
  13. Let's assume it's screwed, how would you screw it down? What tool to use?
  14. http://forums.watchuseek.com/f11/%2410-flea-market-find-le-jour-442495.html#/topics/442495 It says the bezel is screw on. The bezel has damage and it's misaligned.
  15. Thanks Anil, The bezel is screwed down, I read it on another forum, the crystal is a flat mineral and is flush with the bezel. I was thinking of pulling the stem out and do the syringe thing but I don't think it's gonna work. I will post Caseback pics later. Thanks again