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  1. Hi, yes me too, I had seen them on TV....never thought i'd get hold of one, it cost me £20 on ebay which was amazing! I knew what was wrong with it before I bought it but it's a nightmare to get or make replacement parts. Just been so busy that it's been on the back burner for years! H
  2. Ooh, and the fly wheel is plastic as seen in the pictures
  3. Yes it is a pity but I wouldn't have been able to afford the antique variety. Basically the only difference is the bellows are plastic and this one cog is plastic the rest is the same. I will look into getting it cleaned but if I were to do it myself what's the best cleaner and lubercant for the spring itself? Thanks
  4. So sorry I didn't reply, I didn't see this! I have taken the mechanism apart and it's just a plastic cog that's broken, it's proving a massive problem but I am going to take it to a watch maker in Dorset who will hopefully be able to help. Will let you know how it goes! ☺
  5. Hi, I have managed to get hold of a singing bird cage at a reasonable price after years of trying. It's not working...I would like some advice on what solutions to use to clean it as I think it just requires a good clean, nothings broken. Can anyone tell me what make of cleaner to use and what lubricant would be best, have attached photo's! Thanks
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