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  1. Looks like you posted a picture of the part I mentioned earlier and missed to upload the picture from... Maybe it's possible to sharpen the part that's supposed to catch onto the wheel to get a better hold when winding? Any thoughts about my idea to remove the copper washer and wheel to possibly lift the barrel and ease it out sideways?
  2. Since you guys have been so helpful, I just keep going... I obviously have to gett the barrel out and wonder if there’s any shortcut without full disassembly? Maybe I can turn the copper washer and remove parts on the opposite side (pic attached) and ease the barrel out? There is nothing in the manuals towards barrel removal only, so maybe that’s not possible?
  3. Interesting pic’s ! Those arbor teeth have carried a lot of load over the years. no offence intended regarding the vaccination. Your choise obviously. my well wishes towards HectorLooi remains...
  4. So the arbor end of these m/s are similar to the regular swiss designs? If that's the case there should be a fair chance to close it. Very true! I was hoping to be able to follow the service manual and not dig deeper into disassembly. It's a bit strange that the slipping operation can be maintained even after cleaning the entire assembly with the spring and barrel in place while cleaning. I have little experience from regular automatics but notice that the lubrication of barrel walls on these is a repeated topic for discussion on the forum and involving special breaking grease. But som
  5. Next steps... Having removed the rotor and trying to get some tension in the m/s via the crown, I find the same thing as mentioned previously. After just half a turn or so and with no tension or even movement in the m/s, there's "clicking" sound. To me it appears as the m/s doesn't catch onto the m/s arbor as it should... These m/s barrel assy's appear to be not very service intended? Can a replacement be found these days or am I facing a lost cause here..?
  6. Thanks a lot !! You don't happen to have the model 25 manual around...? There's apparently some useful guidelines for the balance disassembly in that one.
  7. Hi all, Finally gathered the courage to try a Timex! I found this automatic dirt cheap (pic’s attached) but with a nice dial so why not give it a go. Found that the h/s spring was quite bent, probably due to someone being careless with the timing setting. Got that sorted decently without any disassembly and now the wheel spins freely and h/s looks ok. but it doesn’t start up and when turning the crown I hear a distinct click after a few turns that makes me think there’s something wrong with the main spring. Are these movements equipped with a similar slipping
  8. I ended up making a replacement click from a piece of steel plate I had laying around. By no means an identical replica but it does the trick. used the old rivet and made some indents in the surrounding brass plate to squeeze it tight against the rivet that was really hard and wouldn’t deform with my stakes. so far the click holds and the movement with its pendulum ticks nicely. Keeps reasonable time and can probably be tuned a bit with the pendulum adjustment screw.
  9. Thanks for the quick response, Mark! And yes, this was concerning Tapatalk. When I started using my Ipad for WRT this app seemed to be the best option but things change... Good to hear that the browser version works fine and will continue that way.
  10. Hi, Since a few days I’m no longer able to log into the forum via the Ipad app. When trying, I either get a ”denied” or ”failed plus a long list of code gibberish” message. I have tried to update the app and also changed pw via the regular web browser. Is anyone else having app login issues?
  11. I have always liked the looks of the typical 50 to 60´s kitchen clocks and when I recently stumbled over one dirt cheap, I couldn’t restrain myself. with no prior expeience from clock movements, only watches, I wanted some advice on how to proceed. I suppose the movement is as simple as they come in this area? Any ideas about manufacturer? The obvious fault found is a broken click. As I’m somewhat hesitant to start ripping the thing apart, my thought was to drill out the rivet and hopefully be able to use a replacement from Cousins (they sell ”assortments” that may do the trick
  12. These BFG 800 looks pretty close but the balance cock is in the wrong place... https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20200925/4d1cc56affc3a02ead35795f37bb9a35.jpg https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20200925/da4817f0c3d830ff3ccf9a13ecda883e.jpg Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. Yeah, now it comes back to me. BFG (Baumgartner) and EB seems to be among the most common suspects when it comes to pin pallet movements. I’ll start to flip through the many variants on display at Ranfft and we’ll see. I have been playing with the idea to swap out the movement for something more available. Overall size seems to be regular 10,5 ”’ but then there’s the issue with fitting dial and hands and I don’t like the idea of cutting off the dial pins. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. Same again... I ”think” l’m doing it the same way as I have always done. Have you tried the links? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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