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  1. The Witschi is a serious machine with a serious price which is not suitable or justifiable for the hobbyist, the horotec tests voltage consumption, lowest working voltage, coil resistance, battery voltage under load and end of life indicator and the rate. Which is all I'll ever need.
  2. I have one and used it for the BHI Quartz servicing exam. A great little device that does almost everything you need at the fraction of the price of a Witschi
  3. I have no knowledge or experience of this company but a quick google search revealed this. http://www.jewelerssupplies.com/rolex_2030-ss3.html
  4. Personally I'd never send any of my watches to a service centre. If I couldn't do it myself then I'd much rather use a quality independent watch maker. Half the price and you're likely to get it back a lot quicker.
  5. I recently bought a Sherline lathe, it's my first lathe and I don't have a lot of experience with it yet. I bought the T rest accessory for it for hand graving and a few gravers including this carbide one. Should imagine it would cut most materials. http://sherline.com/product/2110-w-r-smith-t-rest/ https://www.eternaltools.com/carbide-gravers
  6. Well done on the repair but what a hideous watch! It's typical of the overpriced and oversized "fashion watches" found on the high street. Cheaply and poorly made, the owner could of bought a decent Seiko for a similar price with a mechanical movement, but each to their own I suppose.
  7. Seriously, I'd just throw it in the bin!
  8. Some very impressive technology. They're all too big to actually wear but they'd be a nice toy to have if you had money to burn!
  9. It is indeed Tritium, which is radioactive but only very slightly, so unless you lick the dial or inhale the lume you'll be fine! It's no where near as dangerous as Radium used on very early dials.
  10. My main hobby is rock climbing and has been for nearly 8 years, I like to climb 2-3 times per week. Outdoors if the UK weather allows, if it's raining or too cold (six months of the year!) then the indoor walls. My wife and I spend most of our holidays climbing in Europe, off to the Dolomites in six weeks, wahoo! I also enjoy motorbikes and I'm eagerly awaiting my new Ducati monster being delivered. The dealer reckons it should be here in three weeks, it's an early 40th birthday present from the wife. Ten months early but better off getting it in the summer! I was also learning to fly but it was pretty expensive and suitable flying weather rarely coincided with time off from work, so I've put it on hold for a year or two. As you can see I like to do everything outdoors so I had to find a hobby to get me through the depressing winters, very pleased to have found watch repairing and I will be adding a lathe this winter as well to keep me busy.
  11. Great video, looking forward to watching the whole series later.
  12. I hate it and all "smart watches", I consider them gadgets not watches. Tag Heuer are going even further away from their roots releasing this. 46mm and a 25 hour battery life? I don't know why anyone would want that. I can understand having a watch to record your fitness activities or with GPS to aid navigation but only while you're participating in the activity not to wear everyday. The only good thing thing about this I can see is the offer to trade it in after 2 years for $1500 to buy a mechanical watch, which may introduce new people to real watches.
  13. Interesting interview with the great man, can you believe the interviewer was actually wearing an Apple Watch in front of him tho?!
  14. It will be a great feeling when you bring your watch back to life. Good luck Gryf
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