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  1. Hi there I was wondering if this movement had a trimmer for precision regulation? Thanks
  2. Hello all anyone know if mark lovick is taking on repairs and if so how do I contact him? many thanks
  3. Hey thanks. Yes I will certainly be taking many photos !
  4. What an enjoyable introduction. Thanks.
  5. Hello there. I would like to say hello to all members! Ive been collecting watches for over 10 years now, it all started when my dad gave me his favre leuba quartz from 1981 which by the way is still ticking away. Consequently I now have a passion for the Favre Leuba brand (beautiful watches in general too) I have a good collection building up now. My latest acquisition is a 2017 Rolex Datejust II with the smooth bezel and blue dial on a oyster bracelet. I will love to post some pics up in the other forum later. Ps I'm off to Baselworld next week can't wait to see the new FL pieces that they are bringing out : ) anyway enough rambling bye for now
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