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  1. I am assuming it depends on the watch, but generally, and wearing over a 24 hour period, how much energy can a rotor typically input into the power reserve. And secondly if your watch is in the last 25% of it's power reserve will that cause the watch to speed up slightly? Thanks
  2. Thought so. You wouldn't have a photo of a complete one would you?
  3. I am finding that this escape wheel is floating between bridges as if too short - has it been broken?
  4. Following Nucejoe's directions I managed to straighten the sub seconds post and it's beating strongly and the seconds hand is keeping beat with the Atomic clock app I have. However, the time is running running about a half hour slow within the hour. I am assuming something is going on around the centre and third wheel? Because the seconds hand is keeping time I am thinking it's not the balance wheel. Any thoughts or ideas on what this new issue might be would be greatly appreciated!
  5. To test this, I put the hands back on and the movement didn't stop. Put on the subsecond hand and it came to a stop quick enough. Any tips on straightening it without breaking it?
  6. Just put it under the microscope and yep, sure is bent. Yep bent. I just had a good look under the microscope. You gents have amazing sight! Would this then be the most likely cause stopping the free movement of the train wheels and balance?
  7. Yep, I had better check ranfft again as there are a couple of other differences I can see in the photo I have of the c. 157 as well.
  8. No canon sweep pinion I can see. Canon pinion turning smoothly - should I grease between the mainplate and the canon pinion gear? Missing dial washer?
  9. What's happening here? I am in the last stages of assembling a 1956 Movado Cal.157 and the balance is ticking along nicely, but here is the issue. When I press the hands into place the balance ceases to oscillate. Any ideas what might be going on here? Thanks
  10. Thanks, mate. I have notes that say D5 and notes that Grease as well and that's what's thrown me. Mark says grease on the pinions but on the video I am watching he doesn't mention what he uses on staff. He applies what looks like the same blue grease he uses on the pinions.
  11. Hi all I am re-assembling a 1956 Movado Cal.157 and unsure if I should be using Grease (I have Molycote DX) or D5 on the stem and winding.sliding pinion. What is suggested for each part? Thanks in advance.
  12. Thanks guys for taking the time and effort to look into this for me. Cheers
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