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  1. The description of these watches say they have 'refreshed' dials. Now to me that means refinished. I contacted the seller but they declined any information (I'm not surprised)
  2. Hi.. Anyone know of a dial refinisher that can do a job like the photo? I've tried all of the companies in uk advertising on google but no luck.
  3. Movement cost me £100 on the bay. Parts around £80 mainly chronograph parts. Then the dial was £60 and hands £40. So £280 in total. A nice case and bracelet would value it to between £1000-1300 I guess.
  4. Thanks for the kind words. I chose this movement carefully for my first chronograph restoration. As its base calibre is a valjoux 7750 I knew I could get parts cheaply and easily. I cant see omega clamping down on this one. Also hopefully having a good resale value as its a prestigious brand. You don't see many 1164 movements for sale.
  5. Well here we go!! Job done and keeping to 2 seconds a day.
  6. Thanks Maurice.. I think there's some confusion between the model ref number and the case ref number. Model numbers appear to be xxxx.xx.xx and case numbers xxx.xxxx but I may be wrong.
  7. Yay I found it at last.. Had to use old calibre 1154 and case number 178.0514
  8. Found the case number after trawling through the bay and finding matching case and movements. It's 2298.80 but still no joy with cousins. The base calibre is Valjoux 7750 so no good trying that to get omega hands.
  9. Willfly that's my problem.. I use cousins all the time but sometimes there referencing methods are floored. I have found some hands which look correct at cousins but there is no information of the pinion sizes,lengths or calibre. Product code: x28178, omega part number: 065PZ3988.
  10. I've just refurbished a rusty 1164 movement following marks video of the Valjoux 7750. It running like a dream. I have a new seamaster 300m dial for it but now need some genuine omega hands. Anybody know the ref numbers for silver skeleton hands to fit the 1164 please. Also while I'm on the subject does anyone know a site that references omega cases and compatible movements that fit? Thanks all !!
  11. My mks staking set has 4.69/70mm dia stakes. Anybody know compatability to other makes.. Thanks
  12. Nice idea about the lathe collet... Ironically I just sold my boley cus I never used it lol
  13. Clockboy the type of minute hand I mean has no stem just a flat hand with a hole to push onto the minute wheel. So there is nothing to place in the lathe collet. I'm thinking a stake of some shape to to close the gap slightly but not sure which would do it. Maybe a stake used for setting jewel stones would do it but that's something I've not tried either.
  14. Never had a problem with the hour and seconds hands, I just use the same technique as for tightening a cannon pinion. Just drop it down a broach good side up and give the shaft a little squeeze with blunt nail clippers.
  15. Can anyone advise me on how to reduce the hole size of a vintage minute hand. The hand is flatl and through age and wear is loose on the minute wheel arbor. I have a comprehensive staking set but don't know which to use.. Thanks
  16. Thanks for the detailed reply Marc. I've just bought a staking set with a red nose on the top and a brass pin at the base. Will give it a try. As for the chronos it's not always viable to purchase a movement holder for every repair job. Think I will invest in a 7750/1164 as its a very popular one.
  17. Ok so I have a cheap Chinese hand pressing tool but I'm not happy with its build quality. It's fine for fitting hour and minute hands but there is play in the shaft which becomes worrying when fitting the seconds hand. As we all know how susceptible the seconds pinnions are to breaking. Also a lot of the vintage omegas are spring loaded or have a jewelled bridge at the rear. Is there anything available for supporting the jewel whist pressing the seconds hand on with a precision tool. I've been using a minute wheel attached to the base of the hands pressing tool to support the jewel and praying while pressing the hand on... Any thoughts or tried and trusted methods please
  18. I'm just not getting how to reattach the hairspring without it rubbing on the balance wheel. Should have taken a closer look at the positioning before removing the nivatronic collet but the balance was that dirty it was difficult to see anything.
  19. This may be bad practice but I actually use slightly magnetised tweezers to pick up tiny screws. I would pick up the screw by its head locate it in its hole, then use a wipe away motion to leave it in place. When I place the screwdriver to the screw head it's never magnetised enough to stick to it. I never have the worry of a screw pinging into oblivion and it works for me to locate the screws faster. To be on the safe side I always degauss the movement, case and case back as a matter of course. Could be in for a slating here! Lol
  20. Try here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Omega-Watch-Servicing-Repair-Parts-and-Materials-including-Free-Fitting-Service-/221518894157
  21. Just bought this M.K.S almost complete with 110 pieces and little used. Only need to replace 3 balance staffs against replacing the complete balance and it's earnt it's keep. Just hope it will do the job.
  22. Lol Thanks megarm.. I've been watching it for a couple of days. I messaged the watchmaker who owned it and he said he only purchased complete balances for modern watches. Not much help really!!
  23. Thanks.. I will look for the most comprehensive set I can get within my budget of around £100
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