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    Chopin reacted to wls1971 in First time acrylic crystal replacement   
    It all depends what type of crystal it is if its a non armoured type then most are held in place with no glue at all they are slightly compressed around the edge when fitting or removing with a tool called a crystal lifter such as the following,
    I have both a Bergeon lifter and a cheap chinese one off ebay the chinese one is actually more useful as it opens out further and can be used to fit larger crystals on pocket watches the only time I have had to use crystal cement was when I could not find a crystal of the exact size I needed so had to secure it.
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    Chopin reacted to StuartBaker104 in First time acrylic crystal replacement   
    If it is a plain domed acrylic crystal then you should be able to push it out from the inside with your thumb with minimal pressure, but will need the above tool to replace. You can usually spot the tension ring type as the ring is quite visible, these need a little more effort to push out, and best replaced with a press. Post some pictures if you need more help.
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    Chopin reacted to wls1971 in First time acrylic crystal replacement   
    If the watch is a divers watch then you will have to remove the movement and maybe also the bezel and remove the crystal and insert a new one with a crystal press the crystal may have or may not have a gasket to form a water proof seal depending on the depth rating of the watch.
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    Chopin reacted to ro63rto in First time acrylic crystal replacement   
    Only pics will tell which type of crystal you need. No point guessing until we've seen pics.

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    Chopin reacted to transporter in Project complete, thanks to those who's advice I sought   
    Well I've finished another project, and my first cylinder escapement movement. As can be seen from my previous thread " movement ID" you can see what i was up against, some very helpful members, Stuart and oldhippy huge thanks for the knowledge you guys shared.
    i still have no idea who made the movement or how old it is, all I know is that it's now ticking nicely and has kept perfect time with my phone (dial up) for the last 45mins. I shall over the weekend change its position to see how it keeps time. I tried it on the timegrapher but the machine didn't like it, don't know wether my Chinese one is programmed for cylinder escapements, but if it keeps time as it is now I'm not fussed. I tagged L&R ultra fine as members have been asking what it's like, well the last photo shows how well it cleans movement parts, also the picture of the dial is before I tried out some steradent denture tablets, Wow they really work, 3 mins on warm water and no cracks visible( they are still there but all the dirt has been removed making it nearly impossible to see them) I can highly recommend these as a way of cleaning enamel dials.
    Now some before and after photos......

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    Chopin got a reaction from Neileg in Ronda 705 problem   
    It most likely seems like a mechanical thing (wheels, levers, etc.) but I don't have experience with quartz movements in general and I can't tell for sure whether a simple lack of lubrication or some left over dirt from dried out oil is the issue here...
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    Chopin got a reaction from Brian3 in New Car Day   
    That is a beauty indeed. Watch out not to push the pedal too hard...
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