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  1. phuckaduck

    seth thomas 7806 A403-007

    Thanks old hippy . I will get some photoes and get back to you. I bought it of ebay and am going to make clock of sorts with it but i need to know the weights, anyway i will be back to soon going bush for a few days thanks phuckadick
  2. phuckaduck

    seth thomas 7806 A403-007

    Hi I am trying to find what weights are used on this clock movement and the length of the pendulum rod and weight , any information I will be grateful , thanks and have good day
  3. phuckaduck

    what is this please anyone

    Hi old hippy, thanks for the info when i get back home i will remove it all and take some photoes and give you a bell.on the inside of the back case has some initials either twc or iwc . I know only alittle of iwc but nothing came up on them and nothing on twc at all , thankyou very much will be in touch phuckaduck
  4. H i all , i found this at garage sale , but cannot identify what it is any information would be welcomed and where i can go for spares if there is any. If you need better photoes let me know and i will post them up as i can now half work it out, thanks and awaiting a reply phuckaduck
  5. phuckaduck

    rolex 2001 26j 1570 cal

    Hi Clockboy, here are some photoes for your viewing pleasure,I do have other photoes but they have disappeared into the computersomewhere space,once i find them i will send them on if you are interested. I removed the movt after much tinkering and molestering as parts were completely rusted solid . Movt/case holding screw needed drilling and gentle persuation, watch face holding screw needed drilling on one ,winding stem had to be broken . The setting lever mechanism is totally gone plus some wheels i was looking at the breakdown doc and it says that the1530 is the base for the 1570,did i read this correctly and this means i need to look for parts on a 1530 as well? Thankyou muchly for the help and if you are interested in further aiding me in the right direction I would be greatly appreciative of the assistance . I was going to scrap the the watch but my fisrt rolex so i will see this through, bye for now Phuckaduck . also i did say my name a few times while stripping it.
  6. phuckaduck

    rolex 2001 26j 1570 cal

    ant steel wheels/cogs that are attatched to the brass wheel/cog are decayed as well
  7. phuckaduck

    rolex 2001 26j 1570 cal

    Hello and thanks for asking . getting them apart is not to hard. I already have it stripped 90 percent . Just having trouble with the stem andpinion if that is right.the brass wheelsare all right but any metal has decayed so I need to look for parts I will have pictures next run if I can manage this compuer stuff. this is harder than stipping awatch
  8. Hi All, Hope you are all welland safe, I have bought a few movements to get me started now and a few tools.My lathe i purchased was a Lanco , not the best though it will get me started. The accessories that come with are still being sought out as some do not fit and finding information is vague, I have been busy for awhile, I am asking if it is possible to ask where it is best to get spares for 1570 cal and where can i get a listed parts breakdown diagram. Hard asking about parts when you are not even sure of the name. Any help would be appreciated. I apologise if this is not allowed as some companies or people can be put about recommendations that are not to their interest or favour. Thanks phuckaduck
  9. phuckaduck

    iwc watch

    Thankyou so much everyone, 1/ stem is all one piece but what i can see is the groove where the setting lever locates ,the edges are all chattered and chipped. 2/ the ring under the date wheel is the disk door and this is what is making the tinkling sound, is this ment to be set firm or float around.I have not been able figure out what it does precisely. 3/ as soon as i am able to get clear photoes i will load them up. I only stripped it down so far when i thought better of it and not just wading in. 4 The sites that were provided are very helpful and thanks all the only thing i had figured was was the movement number, no idea for the rest of the provided numbers
  10. Hi to all, I am in need of some direction or if possible anyone who will know of this watch. I was given a international watch co watch,, c.8541 1852723 schaffhausen stay brite steel 1777673 803a 1/ what does that mean some i have figured out as i have waded through the net. 2/ it does run but the crown wheel and shaft if that is right pullout completely even after you reseat it and tighten the retaining screw 3/ the date indicator plate has a tendency to stick and i believe that this is caused by the plate that is screwed in place over the top of the date indicator, if i back the screws of it will turn but cannot think that they would be left in that way from the factory, 4/ in under the date indicator is a loose steel ring, it is held in place but it is not secured in any way bar, positioning points and you can here it tinkling. any assistance is well appreciated, thankyou pd
  11. phuckaduck


    thank you to all for your responses
  12. Hi all , if i do not reply it is i i am not computer savvy,idon't even know what blog is . Any way what i was referring to is called 3.5 x 420 mm dental surgical binoculars and surgeons actually just have the binocular lloupes mounted directly to your persription glasses, hope that helps
  13. phuckaduck


    the reason i have asked and thankyou for your response is that when i am trying to get the screws in to the setting , ifind that the slight of magnetism helps with the screw not flipping of , the down side is that the smaller the part then it has atendency to try and stay with the tool , that was why i was trying find out if it is abad thing
  14. HI all , magnetism of screw drivers and tweezers , why is this bad ? jewels and rubies what is the difference please?
  15. hy all , what of those glasses type that the doctors wear . it is a pair of reading glasses but on the actual spectacle lense left and right is a mounted loupe of sorts . what distance do they see with them when they are operating , i do not think that they would putting thier head way into a body while they are doing surgery