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  1. Hello, thanks for the feedback. I hope this is not impolite but I disagree about that pin. Have a look at the barrel bridge as HSL stated. I think that pin should be soldered here (black arrow).
  2. I think this is possible if there is very low friction to the cannon pinion. The balance and the trainwheels run but the cannon pinion and all following wheels and the hands do not as one of these parts is stuck somehow. I would try and analyze step by step. Take of dial, hands, hour wheel and intermediate wheel, put the minute hand on the cannon pinion and observe. If the minute hand does not stop at 12.05 take the next step and add the intermediate wheel and observe. After that add the hour wheel and so on until you find the step where the error occurs.
  3. About that small pin: Maybe it should be in the barrel bridge (left of the crown wheel) to ensure the positioning. https://www.buzzufy.com/product/landeron-248-barrel-bridge-part-for-chronograph-watch/
  4. Hm, is it possible, that the tube (or a part of it) of the little permanent second hand is still sticking on the pivot of the fourth wheel?How does the hand look?
  5. Rolex oiling charts say: Thin oil for balance and escape wheel pivots No oiling for pallet pivots Thick oil for the other wheels pivots
  6. Reseted to zero the hammer should press against the Heart of the Chrono Wheel and the wheel should really be fixed (Look from the side for a gap and try to rotate the wheel with a tooth pick). On the other hand there must be a small gap between the hammer and the heart of the minute counter Wheel.
  7. You have to move/rotate the collet. Have a look at Marks advices.
  8. I'm also just an amateur, but do the work on my Rolex watches by myself. Of course they are expensive, but I take the risk. If I make a mistake, I have to pay for that. If you want to work on your Rolex watch, search youtube for "Rolex 3075 service" and you will find 3 excellent videos from Mark. 3075 has the same basic movement as the 3000.
  9. Be careful, those spring bars are only suitable for rolex watches with holes through the lugs. On modern daytonas (16520, 116520) you need this type: https://www.ebay.com/itm/310304839325?ul_noapp=true (This is just an example for the needed type, I don't know if the parts from this seller are good quality.)
  10. I think the flip would also occur as it is a result of the behavior of the complete system, not of the balance wheel only. Do you know this blog, very helpful: https://adjustingvintagewatches.com/category/dynamic-posiing/
  11. Hello, here is a list of the parts on the incabloc page: So 111.11 is the jewel with the hole, 121.11 and 122.11 are the cap jewels and 170.03 and 173.03 are the springs.
  12. Maybe the lever that grips into the sliding pinion has been put in upside down?
  13. Hello, you will find all information in this thread:
  14. You calculated 24 revolutions of the escape wheel per minute which is the error in my point of view. Looking at a working escapement you will find that it needs 2 beats to let the escape wheels move 1 tooth further. So the ew makes 12 revs per minute and your further calculation fits.
  15. Correct. The screws are used to put the right mass to the balance and poising it. If you want to enter the world of dynamic poising look here: https://adjustingvintagewatches.com/category/dynamic-posiing/
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