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  1. Delgetti

    Rolex hands

    Another source for old rolex parts is Michael from tswisst: www.tswisst.de Ask for what you need, he has tons of parts which are not registered on the website yet.
  2. Delgetti

    Greeting from Bavaria

    Welcome from munich to munich.
  3. Delgetti

    Rolex GMT cal 3075 service problems

    I'm not sure if the bridge of the basic calibre 3035 is interchangable (maybe the only difference is the writing on it?). https://www.ebay.de/itm/Rolex-3035-5061-Automatic-Device-Bridge-Upper-Spare-Parts/263767064237?hash=item3d69bdfead:g:RzAAAOSwgoxbKOLn Another possibility is to contact Kevin in New Zealand. He could help me with many 15xx parts in the past, maybe he has the bridge. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/vintagerolexforum/viewtopic.php?f=207673&t=235524&p=535888&hilit="movement+parts"#p535888 Here are many lists of spare parts for Rolex calibres: https://www.r-l-x.de/forum/showthread.php/88631-Werk-Ersatzteillisten In the 3035 list there are the parts 95063 and 95063-1. I think one of them is the one you need if you want to replace the jewel and they're available on ebay. Erik
  4. Hello, I didn't work on such a movement yet, but at Ranfft it looks like the Valjoux 9 is a member of the Valjoux 5 family and may have the same stem W1730. http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?00&ranfft&&2uswk&Valjoux_5_KVM There is a seller in germany who has it on his list: https://www.ebay.de/itm/eine-AUFZUGWELLE-fuer-AU-und-Taschenuhr-AUSWAHL-aus-1000-W-Nummern-AUFZUGWELLEN-/262677133494 Hope this helps a bit. Erik
  5. Delgetti

    Rolex 3085 rotor spring clip required

    I think there are 4 versions of this part varying in thickness: Rolex-Part-No. (thickness) 5066 (0.135) 5066-1 (0.150) 5066-2 (0.165) 5066-3 (0.180) There are several parts available on ebay (expensive, of course, Rolex is special ;-) ). Erik
  6. Delgetti

    Watch of Today

    I'm on my way to become addicted to old chronos. Recently got my first calendar, a Wakman Jumbo. Looking forward to disassemble and service it.
  7. Delgetti

    rolex caliber 1560 and 1570

    Yes, base caliber for both movements is 1530 and the parts which hold the hands didn't change over time.
  8. Delgetti

    2 Questions regarding regulating

    I also come very often to this problem concerning watches with a regulator arm. I built this little tool. The tool head grips over the regulator arm while the watch is on the timegrapher and due to the tools long lever arm (which is about 4 inches) I can manipulate the regulator position very precise. Here are some pics of my work on a watch which ran constantly +4 seconds per day and I could slow it down to +1 second.
  9. Delgetti

    Can Venus 175 & 178 parts be interchanged

    Hello, I'm not sure, but in the part lists of both calibres it seems to be the same (No. 8000). http://oldswisswatches.com/Spares/Venus_Mechanical_Movements.htm
  10. Delgetti

    Rolex 1570 losing time

    You say the effect only occurs in dial up position. So in my opinion it may be an issue with the bearing on the balance cock side. I would take out the shock absorber and clean the jewels. Have a look at the balance pivot if it looks fine and also clean it. Then reassemble the whole thing with correct lubrication and try again on the timegrapher. The old 1570 is quite different from the 3135 and doesn't allow endshake manipulation by screws. Sorry for the terrible english, no native speaker.
  11. Delgetti

    Which tool for creating lume dots?

    Thanks a lot. I have a similar tool and will try this and also the way with the oiler. Of course on an old training dial first.
  12. Hello, until now I have only relumed some hands but now I have to relume a dial for a Landeron 248 project. The original lume was only 12 tiny dots at the end of the minute markers, diametre a bit smaller than 1 millimeter. How can I create such little dots and insure that all of them become the same size? Which tools/techniques do you use? Thanks in advance.
  13. Delgetti

    hairspring studs for Rolex

    Hm, as far as I know the spare part balance ist complete with stud. The part-nr. for caliber 1560 is 7980. Looks like this: http://www.ebay.de/itm/Authentic-ROLEX-Balance-Wheel-Complete-Cal-1530-to-1565-GMT-Part-7980-NEW-/152535101749 The stud is special, it has a triangle shape, which insures correct positioning in the stud holder. I don't know whether it is possible to purchase a single one. I've never seen one on the bay or elsewhere.
  14. Hello, once again I'm working on a landeron 248. I would like to replace the old hands (which are corroded and bent) with new luminous hands. They should look like those which are used in the rolex handwinding chronos 6263/6265. Ranft mentions diameters 1.30 and 1.85, not very common. Does anybody know where I could buy such hands? Thanks in advance.