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  1. So I think I definitely have a better idea of what I'm looking for tools. Now a lot of the stuff ill personally have to keep an eye out for them second hand. I'm currently looking at a set of new af Swiss screwdrivers to start off then I'll pick up some of Dumont tweezers. Also looking at a cheap loupe that will clip on my glasses, I'm not sure really if that is a good move to cheap out here however I like the idea of the clip on just unsure if ill like the extra weight on my glasses.
  2. Sorry I'm kind of new in the whole forum world so trying to learn as I go. And for the tools I kind of figured quality is key but figured I'd ask seeing I'm only doing this as a hobby. I will also definitely check out that book. Thanks !!!!
  3. So I've been reading about watch repair for the past few months and take it up as a hobby. Now I'm starting to look into buying some tools. My questions is are those cheap Chinese tool kits worth wasting my money on as I am looking at doing this as a hobby? Or can you recommend a site where I can order better quality tools? I work graveyard shift so its much easier for me to buy online. Also can anyone recommend some watch repair books for someone getting into it? Just finished one and already looking for another.
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