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  1. Not a problem with wrt...my computer keeps messing up...trying to find a way to free up some memory.....thanks....need to buy a new one i guess...lol
  2. How does one delete the WRT account?....thanks
  3. This might work...its not expensive anyway.... http://www.ebay.com/itm/Soviet-RARE-Vintage-LUCH-watch-Doctor-medical-Pulsemeter-Hybrid-movement-/252770519683?hash=item3ada4c0a83:g:GF4AAOSwux5YU8hU
  4. The movement part you can see in the opening is about the size of the movement.
  5. Man, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if its anything like the cheap chineese one that i have, the movement is about the size of a wrist watch....alot smaller than a normal pocket watch.
  6. Today it was lying on the table all day, before it was in my pocket and on the table part of the day.
  7. I dont remember much about the rolex...only saw it once 20 years ago. He won the lottery in florida and thats why he had the money to buy it...lol....I just completed another time study with this molnija ...in 4 hours and 30 minutes the difference between it and the digital stop watch was 1.5 seconds....is that pretty decent?
  8. Trust me, I have no intentions of doing anything else to it for a long while.....lol.....well, nothing other than keeping a check on lost or gained time. I guess this is essentially a rolex movement. A copy of the cotebert 616 which had 17 jewels and this one has an added jewel to be 18 jewels. The movement has a pretty good finish on it also. Some of them deffinately do not. How does your rolex do from day to day? A friend of mine boought a $12,000 rolex wrist watch one time, that is the only one I have ever seen.
  9. Here is a pic of the one I ordered. There is a spot at the 10:00 o'clock position...looks like some hot gold solder or something similar dripped onto the plastic dial. Im going out on a limb here...and correct me if im wrong..but from what i have read about American railroad watch accuracy, this watch keeps better time. So far its at about 2 seconds per day which from what i understand is pretty dang good.
  10. I was telling the guy I bought it from in bulagaria how much I like the watch and I hated the fact it would be my practice watch. So he sent me a free movement that needed some balance work for the cost of shipping...so turns out this wont be my first victim after all.....lol
  11. Thanks for the post. I actually found that site a few weeks back. The one i ordered was runing a bit fast, so i adjusted the speed very slightly and I put to test with a digital stop watch to see of it was keeping time pretty good...tested it for 30 minutes and it kept up second by second untill i stopped the test. I jave check it for two days now and it remains insync with my ipad....not to bad for $45. thanks again, doug
  12. Is there a better watch price guide book than "The complete price guide to watches" by cooksey shubert? Everytime I try to look up a watch in it I can not find it.....need something better if its available. Thanks, Doug
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