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  1. skridlov

    Waltham vintage captive stem.

    I'm waiting for a stem wrench (from US) so that I can adjust the depth of the sleeve. However, in the meantime I have two of these Waltham 1907s up and running. Or did, now there's only one. I watched the repair videos on this watch. Even after dismantling and trying to reassemble one I still don't understand how this keyless work functions - having reassembled it precisely as shown, it won't wind. Also, I don't think I will ever be able to align bridges and pinions. I'll stick to cleaning with the train in place. Despite thinking that this one's bridge was correctly positioned (it dropped into place with the locating pins in position and the pinions apparently located correctly; but how can you tell?) the whole train is now jammed and what was a working watch with the limitation of a badly adjusted stem is now scrap. About eight hours wasted.
  2. skridlov

    Waltham vintage captive stem.

    Thanks folks! The stem pulls out readily from the inside. Luckily I have four nearly identical movements and cases (the "nearly" is an insurance policy intended to ward off nasty surprises.) Nice movements but unfortunately the three that have serviceable balances are only seven jewel. Do I feel lucky today? Roy
  3. skridlov

    Waltham vintage captive stem.

    It's having a long jacuzzi right now. I have an identical (?) watch which is a potential donor. However one thing that's not identical is the diameter of the stem tube. And it almost looks as though there's a circlip (god forbid) inside the tube. To be continued. Yes. it withdraws from the inside when de-gunked.
  4. I have almost no experience of this brand. The whole watch seems in pretty good shape but lacks a crown. The stem is present but is captive in the case. I'm unable to find a crown for it among the hundreds of old crowns I possess. The outer thread diameter is approximately 1.2 mm but has some wear in the part that I can measure although the threads are not too badly damaged. It occurs to me that this thread may be a non-metric size. Also am I correct in thinking that the stem tube has an inner sleeve? I'd greatly appreciate some tips on how to deal with this and trust that the pics are adequate. Roy
  5. skridlov

    Persistent magnetisation

    Thanks. Well, the hair spring looks ok if a bit eccentric. What puzzles me is that when placing it over a compass there's a significant deflection. But short of pulling the balance out (which I have no intention of given the age and complete unavailability of spares) it's hard to be certain. On a broader note, I'm pretty horrified by the extent of tool magnetisation - my calipers practically dragged the compass off the bench. Oops... Roy
  6. I've been using one of the "blue box" demags with variable success.I have recently bought one of the "Bergeon" - style units. The box even has that name faintly on the image of the device. 10% of the price and surely off the same production line. However I'm encountering very variable results even when using the recommended technique - drawing the un-cased movement slowly away from the demagger. I have a Borgel movement that resolutely refuses to play - although when I first subjected it to the new box it seemed to work extremely well - even running a little slow for a while. Another watch with a tiny movement responded instantly. Every pass with the Borgel, changing the orientation each pass, shows the same deflection of a compass. Any suggestions? Roy
  7. Today I received an order from Cousins. For the third time that I've agonised and puzzled over the catalogue (hard copy and online) the lens that arrived is wrong. It's a 248 x 248 x 6 RX 2482486. Problem is that in this case it's needed for a Waltham that has a flat bezel whilst the above lens has a curvature throughout. The graphics in the catalogue show the dimensions of the curvature but so far I've been unable to find out how to distinguish between flat and profiled bezels. Can anyone help? Roy
  8. I've used Crystalfit once previously and the job was pretty well done (asymmetrical hexagon). However Steve is very reluctant to respond to emails requesting information. For example I asked about his insurance and whether he'd need the (pretty valuable, gold) watch with movement and hands fitted (for clearance). No reply at all. And a follow up stating "I thought it wasn't an unreasonable question" also generated no response. It's an odd way to conduct a business. Roy
  9. Hi Luke. SOLD! Please let me know how to proceed. Roy
  10. No trace of this on their site and although they replied, they emphasised the need for precise measurement - and no reference to the above code; and the three items they suggested in a link are all out of stock. I can measure the corner to corner dimensions easily enough, however without a suitable profile gauge I can't measure the radius of the bezel. Without an example of the crystal itself I can't know the profile of the glass. Stymied. Still, there's £300 of scrap gold there... Roy
  11. Hi and thanks, Obtaining Omega vintage spares (this is a '73/4 piece) seems near impossible - at least as far as Omega are concerned. Ofrei suggested I write to my congressman about it! Maybe I'll try an MP. The case number is 161021. My first search drew a blank but I'll continue looking. I also contacted a custom lens maker but given the tricky profile and the requirement for clearance, getting something made that doesn't look horrible sounds challenging. Anyone know some more custom suppliers who they can recommend? Roy
  12. I have a very nice square Omega de ville auto (rotor) 12.83 from '73-74. Runs very well but requires a lens - roughly 250 sq. But the watch is slim and I assume that the lens will need the correct profile to avoid jamming (and look right.) The bezel is curved, not flat and I can't interpret the Sternkreuz catalogue sufficiently to order something - I can't tell whether the profiles listed are for flat bezels or curved. Someone's going to think me pretty dim but no matter - I have trouble with this all the time where rectangular watches are concerned. I'd prefer to get a mineral glass but I'd settle for a UB! Any suggestions? Roy
  13. skridlov

    Loose fitting bezels and back plates

    In this particular instance I have two steel cases (one Omega and one Longines) that exhibit the problem. Roy
  14. skridlov

    Loose fitting bezels and back plates

    Yes indeed, gaskets are a factor. However I'm looking at a couple of watches where adding a gasket would, I suspect, make the fit even worse as there appears to be no extra clearance available to accommodate one and the pressure required to eject the part is already very slight.
  15. I guess that this is a bit of a dumb question, but that never stops me. I often encounter loose press-fitting case parts. Before I start "experimenting", how do the wise deal with this problem? Roy