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  1. Most of the big brands (JLC, Omega, Cartier, Vacheron etc..). To date, no Audemars or Panerai... They just don't do it for me. Although, having said that, i made myself a Panerai Marina clone with an ETA 6497 movement are parts from eBay for £300 and it gets a lot of weekend wrist time.. Quite nice wearing something you built. The most interesting parts of the collection (i think) are slightly "off-center". I have a collection of each of the main Smiths models from the 1950's and 60's. Also, a set of 6 trench watches from the WWI period. I also own English pocket watches going back to 180
  2. I have been collecting for 20 years and am at around 50 pieces right now.. It won't get bigger than that... "1 in, 1 out" from here on.. The two sections of the collection that i love the most are my Rolex's and my Seiko's.. I've tried to represent the diversity of these brands, what do you think ? Darren
  3. I now have a collection of 50+ watches from Seiko 5 to Rolex (Zenith) Daytona and the Speedmaster Pro is still be favourite wearer. I think its the case shape/size combined with the incredible dial ("busy... but legible") that does it for me.. Plus, it looks as good on a NATO as on a bracelet.. If i only had one watch.. This would most likely be it.
  4. CRACKED IT (actually, thanks to Mark's "Servicing 2824" video).. The problem was that i was engaging the spring with setting jumper (thanks, "SirMike) but not (at the other end) with the "Return Bar".. Such a simple fix but had me stumped for days. THANK YOU MARK (and to everybody for your help).. Happy man.. now.. about fitting the balance... !
  5. Not locked up, Roger.. The clutch is just falling short of the pinion, when the keyless work is set to "wind" (so it just spins freely). I just took delivery of every part of the keyless work (including stem) so i'm going to put them all in over the weekend and see what happens.. After that, i'm beaten and i'll put it down to a poor clone..
  6. Yeah, don't think its a bridge issue as i can place the clutch where it needs to be manually, just can't get the yoke to do it !
  7. Yes, clutch is in correctly, its just not quite reaching the winding pinion when engaged.
  8. Hi all, I've been labouring over this issue all weekend and just can't fix it. In assembling the keyless works in a ETA 2824-2 (actually a "Chinese clone" - cloud this be the issue??) i cannot get the manual wind to engage. I have re-assembled the works several times, substituting parts from another 2824 (clone) movement to try to eliminate the faulty part.. But no joy. When i look carefully at what is going on, the Double Corrector lever is not pushing the Yoke across to the right far enough to engage the clutch wheel to the winding pinion, it's falling short a couple of mill.
  9. Thanks ! All fitted and working fine.. I hadn't noticed the little spring movement in the crown.. Very clever !
  10. Hi I'm building a watch using an ETA 2824-2 movement and an "Rolex Explorer" style case which (like the Rolex) has a screw-down crown. I hadn't thought this through before i purchased the case and have never fitted a movement into a case like this before. My question is, can any movement be used with a screw-down crown ? I'm just trying to think this through.... The 2824-2 only has 2 positions: "fully in" (winding) and "out" (setting). How will i be able to screw the crown in if the stem is already in the "winding" position ?? Please help ! Darren
  11. Hi there i am working on an old Smiths Empire movement (cheap thing from the Welsh factory - only has jewels for the balance.. I'm having a devil of a job lining up the escape wheel, 2nd, 3rd and 4th wheels with the bottom of the movement and the bridge that holds them in place.. They "wiggle" in their sockets and this makes it really hard to lay the bridge over them.. No jewels in the bridge or the movement body - "metal on metal". Does anybody have any little tips for this job ? Somebody was once banging hundreds of these out in a factory so there must be a technique ! Maybe a
  12. Hi there, Im interested in Smiths due to them being the last fully-inhouse watch manufacturer in England. The only people doing that now (as far as i know) are Roger W Smith...and you'll pay 100k for one of their watches ! Really interested in comparing how the Smiths Cheltenham factory build movement vs how ETA do it today. Thanks for the welcome !
  13. Hi everybody. I took up learning watch repair a month ago, using the online courses from TimeZone Watch School and just finished building an ETA 6497-1 movement. I'm interested in British watchmaking and now plan to start buying up old Smiths movements with a view to learning about them and repairing them. I look forward to getting involved with the forum. Regards Darren
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