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  1. Great collection!...thanks for the post !
  2. Woow ! Impressive collection....when I was in highschool I had one like the casio in the upper left corner..what is that model ?... The DW-400...right?
  3. Hello JD... As you know Im a novice in watch world...I read a few days ago the following Kinda weird but Hope it helps... Greetings..
  4. Hello Paul Impressive job ....back to life . One can be fooled so easy in ebay ...but this wach ?...wow , the seller knew for sure. I enjoyed reading your step by step resurrection post , I hope you will keep posting more. Thanks Moises
  5. IX , X AND XI ....INCOMPLETE....?
  6. Hello Systeman I have always wondered how forum members upload so great photos... My current photo device is my ipad ,,lol. But I will love to set up one like yours..Can you provide camera , lens , software etc. you are using ? thank you much Moises
  7. Hello Vic Agree with you ...I will try to work on it with no shacking hands and at the end the learning it self will be a success.. Regards Moises Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  8. It is in not working condition seller said balance is not good but I will try to take all apart clean it and see how it goes ...I do not know , if possible , how to fix it . I will take this as a practice before servicing my working Rockford watch... Moises
  9. Hey Douglas1701 Good luck !... I'm going to do the same to this elgin and see how it goes...I will try to do the same way adioro110 did on his . Regards...
  10. And yes you will need a corded dremel one with high rpm...I spent 90 dlls on mine but I guess You may find a good one for less money . I spend 15 dls on first one I had , shortly after went for the hi rpm dremel...
  11. That is for SS.....As for watch crystal , sorry but have no experince ...I usually just replace them..
  12. Do you have a dremel tool or alike ? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  13. Any of these....Cotton is softer than felt so depends on the condition of the metal damage is what I use...cotton if looking for shine only...fine scratches felt first then cotton...for SS use the green paste. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
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