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  1. LOL Maybe i'm lazy but it seems like a lot of work for a 20 cent part..
  2. jdm Thanks for link... I guess I'll give it a shot, but every time I buy a blind assortment IE: inca springs, Roller jewels I never get the size I need Anthony
  3. I have search high and low I can not find anyone with spacer rings for 6497 ...39mm x 1mm x .04mm(thick) for use to install .04mm thick dial in a case designed for a ..08mm dial Does anyone have a source...maybe they are known by a different name? I get them with some of the cases I buy but can not find them individually
  4. I also replaced the Mainspring , which was not the problem. I wish I didn't drop the balance the last time I took it out because I would have loved to see what I was missing, it apparently was the problem all along but I could not tell what was wrong ..when I dropped it I twisted it like a pretzel and while trying to straighten it out I made it worse . Knocking the stud off. At lest I have a part to practice my hairspring manipulation on. A day and a half it is -2.9 seconds wearing and on winder. I'll check it again later tonight. It has been on winder for last couple of days
  5. Hi Does anyone have a source for a 6498 second hand no longer than 3.5mm from center hole.. I can find plenty at 4.5 - 5.0mm but I need it to fit a sunken dial ..I have tried Otto, Cousins, esslinger..There are a few I found in German but for a 3 euro part they want 18 euro shipping. Prefer USA but as long as shipping is not outrageous I'll buy from anywhere Thank You Anthony
  6. Hi Sorry I didn't get back sooner ..Been kind of busy .. I figured I give an update to where I am now ..I think it looks pretty good from where I was, but I am not sure if this is acceptable and I should be satisfied or if I can tweek even more. I just finished so I have not checked how well it is keeping time. BTW ..While a bit tedious the etachrono system is the shit. Thanks again who ever posted that video
  7. OK I tried the 176.03 ..it is also no good (to Big) ..Does anyone know where to get a service sheet or have any other solutions ...
  8. I have that size doesnt fit ...It says lower down description use 176.03 for 2836-2
  9. Hi I have a Seagull ST2146 a clone ETA-2836-2 I need a lower incabloc spring the one on mainplate .. I found the part number for upper spring is 176.03 .. I can not find part number for lower was wondering if it could be the same. I searched all the websites I could think of including Cousins ... Thank You Anthony
  10. Hi all Just to update everyone...The last time I took apart the movement I dropped the balance cock with the hairspring so if it wasn't screwed up before it was when I looked at it anyway after attempting to unkink it . I gave up and purchased a new one ...The watch is running a lot smoother but still needs to be dialed in a little. Just haven't had the time. (hey I think I made a pun LOL) Thank You for everyone that helped troubleshoot the problem ..I did try just about everything mentioned to the best of my abilities.. The etachron adjustment might be something
  11. well like they say " The best lessons are the ones you pay for " anyway I will be needing a balance is the one I listed in previous post acceptable
  12. John Since the first rebuild I have not installed calendar works or Automatic on ..Same results... I started fooling with the balance and if it wasn't screwed up before it is now. On spec sheel it says 19 Var for chrono grade is it the same as ETA2892.721-13 it is listed as Timed Balance, Regulated with Stud for Chronometer ETA 2892-A2 Thanks Anthony
  13. Hey Deggsie I am going to tear down and rebuild AGAIN ...When I do I will perform the test you suggested ....As it looks now the wheels seem to spin freely ... I did not touch the original barrel ...I did not have tool to rewind mainspring ( I do now)...I did replace barrel with new complete barrel and mainspring for the last test that I did ..Same results...
  14. I checked demagnetizer and it seems to work fine I magnetized and demagnetized several items I also put a compass near movement to check for magnetization. It all looks good.
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