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  1. Reading your reply gave me an idea but I am not sure whether it is possible or likely. If I were to take it apart and clean the parts, what do you think the likelyhood would be if I asked a watch repair shop just to rewind the spring and put it back in the barrel, lubricate it and close the barrel for me? From the video I watched it looks like that would be a two minute job for a person with the right tools. Would a watch repairman be likely to agree to do it and if so, what would be an acceptable fee for doing so?
  2. I have been given my grandfather's old Seiko watch. I like the watch and it has a lot of sentimental value to me but I know very little about watches. It has been sitting in a cupboard for the last 20 years and now it tells the time very badly. I set the watch and it often works for many hours perfectly fine and then will suddenly lose a lot of time. I took it to a watch repair shop and it was explained to me that over time the oil within the watch goes, "clumpy". That's how it was described t me. I was told that the entire watch would need to be taken apart and cleaned and re-lubricated. I wa
  3. I have decided to join your community to learn from people with more knowledge than myself. I have always liked pocketwatches but never really tried messing around with the workings of one. Recently though, I was given an old Seiko wrist watch that was my grandfather's. It is a very nice watch but It has sat in a cupboard for the last 20 years and surprise, surprise, it does not tell the time very well. I took it to a watch repair shop and was told it would be at least 250 Euros to take it apart clean all the parts and then lubricate it and put it back together again. And that is only if
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