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  1. thanks for the info about the history of the maker, i am going to fit two new springs anyway.
  2. that makes sense to me as that is the chiming spring and it would chime and cuckoo ok for about half a day and then it would stick with the cuckoo staying out.
  3. yes it is the short one that was in the chiming /cuckoo train, i have now ordered 2 new springs from cousins based on the size of the going train spring. thank you for the advice.
  4. Hi Watchweasol, ithink the label says teutonia clock company. The spring and barrel on the left are the chiming train ones.
  5. Hi All, i have a large antique cuckoo clock that on the winding train was running for 2 days but on the chiming / cuckoo train would only run for a day just about, as it needed a service i have taken it apart to find that although the barrels are the same size the cuckoo spring is a lot smaller . the winding train spring is height 22mm , thickness 0.45, length 176 cm, barrel dia 44. The cuckoo train is H 19mm , T 0.50mm, L 160cm. i am assuming they should both be the same size and that someone has done that as a quick fix rather than fit the same size spring, so i just need to know can i refit
  6. thank you will check it out and than you for the diagram.
  7. Hi all, i have a nos 7736 but the chrono hand will not reset to 12, it always stops just short before or after, i have tried 5 times to remove and refit the hand by resetting and then keeping the pusher held in so i am thinking maybe there is an underlying problem. i am going to part service that part of the watch before i try again in the hope that might help as the movement has not been used in years but is there a way of using an eccentric to finely adjust the hand and if so where is it located, also does anyone know where i could get a proper chrono movement holder, i looked on cousins but
  8. they are just plastic discs and you just line them up as you would normal hands but they were a nightmare to refit and try and keep level, the hour one was loose on the pinion and i had to tighten the hole and i spent a good hour on the seconds disc as there was only a gap of about 1mm between that and the minute disc before i realised that i was fitting it upside down DOH! hence no gap because there is about a 3mm gap between each disc to make sure they do not rub together and that is why the watch is so deep about 15mm. i wasnt happy with the rotor because it was very black and pitted but th
  9. Yeah that makes sense given the abuse they are likely to get.ha ha
  10. i bought it in germany, the dealer couldn't tell me anything about it, but i think you are right about its possible uses. thank you
  11. yes the screw locks the case back in place. im guessing if it is military and attached to webbing that stops it unscrewing.
  12. Watch is now back together and working fine so I think I dodged the bullet on this one.
  13. Hi all, I picked this up recently at a Watch fair because I like unusual, it’s quite heavy with a screw in back which is locked in place with a screw and has a large D ring riveted to the case back and the dial is marked top and bottom 2679, I just wondered if anyone would know what it was used for or who may have made it. It seems to be fairly good quality Case and movement wise but no makers marks. Any input appreciated.
  14. Sorry for late replie but i have been Away at a Watch fair. every dealer I spoke to about that watch even ones that had that particular model said don’t touch it. I have taken Seiko barrels apart before and replaced the springs no problem at all but they’re just a normal barrel this one has definitely been peened over . I do have a lathe but still don’t fancy doing it and I know from searching that that barrel is obsolete so l am sticking with my original plan, I have cleaned it all and will just put it back together and see if it runs ok. If it doesn’t I will seriously consider taking the ba
  15. Yes ,that’s what I would like to know, so do I open it or not, judging by the state of the watch it has never been serviced and actually when you look at the lid of the barrel the outer edge of the barrel looks to have been folded tightly over the lid so I think unless Someone tells me differently I’m going to leave it. I hate doing that but I can’t take the risk that like you say will the lid go back on.
  16. Hi all, I have strippedDown a vintage zodiac mystery watch to service it, someone had flooded it with oil but I’ve come across this written on the spring barrel, do not open, obviously by the state of it it needs to be opened for the spring to be cleaned or replaced but why would it say do not open what is likely to happen.?
  17. Thanks just found the cousins tubes so will try and work out the size.
  18. Hi all, I have a 1950s Tudor oyster but the pendant tube thread is worn, is there a method of repairing this or any ideas where I could get a replacement and if I did get a replacement how do you get the old one out. Thanks in advance. Tony
  19. At least I got it done in the end, I have tried hand winding before but I can never do it and my old favourite set has never let me down. It was only the fact that I was servicing a seiko bell Matic that I needed a left hand winder, last time I used the old put it in a washer trick and turn it over method but even that let me down this time,I just couldn’t do it.
  20. Well it’s taken me 2 hours but I’ve done it, rightly or wrongly I filed the leading edge on the arbor to make it more round which has done the trick.
  21. So I need to wind in a left handed mainspring but I only have right in my favourite set, I go to cousins and order a left handed arbor hoping it will fit and joy of joys it fits perfectly what a result I think. I start winding and get a third of the way before this happens, it keeps slipping on the arbor and the reason is bergeon have put a flat cutout on the arbor instead of leaving it round so as you can see it does not quite catch the notch, I have been trying for an hour and a half to get this to catch by trying to bend the end of the spring but if I keep going I know my luck will run out
  22. just been trawling the old interweb and someone who had a similar problem had been told to try and open or close the stator hole, does anyone think that might work?
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