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  1. quantieme

    Is this the right part

    Thank you, I have now ordered the correct part.
  2. quantieme

    Escape wheel needed for seiko 4006a

    Yes will do,thanks again.
  3. Hi all, I have this valjoux 7734 and as you can see it is missing it’s jewel and spring, could someone tell me is it the lower Inca setting I need from the JB list and if it is, does that mean it comes with the inner jewel, cap jewel and spring or has the spring got to be ordered separately or am I just getting the setting. Thanks.
  4. quantieme

    Escape wheel needed for seiko 4006a

    I think I had gone escape wheel blind, I had looked at this listing and did not see his drop down list. Thankyou, I have now ordered the 251805.
  5. quantieme

    Escape wheel needed for seiko 4006a

    Yes thanks,I had contacted them but they only had complete movements, I have now managed to get one.
  6. quantieme

    Escape wheel needed for seiko 4006a

    It is 251.805 and I have now got one thanks to this site.
  7. quantieme

    Escape wheel needed for seiko 4006a

    I had thought of that but it was going to be a last resort option, I have now managed to get one thankfully.
  8. Hi all, I have a seiko Bell-Matic 4006a, ihad problems regulating it and when I put it on the timing machine it was all over the place. One minute it was - 80 secs next + 200 so I started taking it apart and found the problem to be a broken pivot on the escape wheel, there was just enough of the pivot left to hold it steadyish hence the Watch was running ok but just losing 3 mins a day. The problem is now I cannot find an escape wheel for this model. I have tried cousins obsolete, jules borel obsolete and contacted a few sellers on eBay, so does anyone know of where I might be able to source one short of buying a complete movement which would definitely not be cost effective. Thank you in advance.
  9. quantieme

    Is this an 8 day movement?

    Thank you old hippy, I always confuse strike with chime, yes the case is wood and the numbers all match. Thank you for pointing out the bell nut is back to front.
  10. quantieme

    Here is a horror for you.

    Thank you.
  11. quantieme

    Here is a horror for you.

    So are you saying the dial would have definitely been silvered or would it have been plain brass? Given its age. Always looking to learn so just want to know.
  12. quantieme

    Is this an 8 day movement?

    Hi all, this might sound a stupid question but I need to know if this would be described as an eight day movement. I bought this portico clock for restoration as it needed a new mainspring for the chiming train and a new barrel as it had cracked presumably when the spring snapped and as a matter of course I also replaced the winding train mainspring with a new one. It was listed at a local auction as having an eight day movement but I have fully wound it and it has run for 18 days on a full wind so is it a 18 day movement if you see what I mean.
  13. quantieme

    cartier cal 83 movement needed

    Thanks for the replies, I had tried cousins but as you say they are restricted, there was a chap on eBay but he has sold his last one (£230) l am pretty sure the problem with the one I have is a broken centre jewel as I took it apart to have a look and it was a bugger to get back together with that magnetic rotor and the wheels being all under one plate. The eBay seller says he might get another in a few months so my customer is happy to wait.
  14. good morning all, does anybody know where i might get a cartier cal 83 movement or does anybody know of a suitable replacement. thank you.
  15. quantieme

    Help finding lathe collets

    i now get it, i had to read it about 4 times to get my head round it but i do now understand. thankyou for taking the time to explain it. if only everything in life were simple and and a set standard.