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  1. Hi stuartbaker104 Many thanks for the helpful reply, looks like i will be cleaning the old one up !
  2. Hi, I am trying to source an omega second hand, for a 351 calibre, 2635-1 case, the current one is very rusty. i have measured the existing and think i need a 0.18mm dia, SS, 11.0mm centre pin to end and approx 13.6mm end to end. i am struggling to find Cousins equivalent, and my nearest internet search throws up a silver 11.3mm to tip but 15mm total length... Ofrei offer a 0.18mm 13mm genuine omega silver sweep, but not for the 531 calibre, and it does not say total length. Your help appreciated thank you
  3. Ah ok many thx Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. thanks rogart63, by donor watch you mean another working identical model?
  5. Hi, work colleague dropped in his 21st present from 29 years ago, his Omega seamaster quartz, ref 196.0280 I am looking for a 1337/9600 electronic module to replace the original, but can't find on the t'interweb. Then thought that a replacement module may not work due to age of electronics etc etc. How would i get the watch working for him? could i swap another calibre perhaps? or should he accept it wont be working anymore? comments welcome Many thanks
  6. hi jdm, thanks for the clarification, i ordered replacement today. Hi Noirrac1j, no worries with snobism, and thanks for the help. this forum is superb.
  7. hi JDM , i am learning and a good point on the euphemsim thanks. guess first i try some chinese 7750 stems, then try to find a 12:00 subdial recorder wheel and replace that. if not, then i try to replace the movement, but I checked cousinsuk movements but could not find a similar 26mm x 6.25mm movement. hi Chopin, will check and confirm anyways. thanks
  8. hi, A friend dropped off his foreign Brietling, said had broken the stem. appears to be a standard setup with subdials at 12:00/9:00/6:00 i have been trying to identify the movement, but i am struggling after the usual Cousins & internet search, in order to get a stem and crown etc. I removed the dial to help with identification and in doing so broke the 12:00 hour recorder subdial spindle. Any thoughts on swapping the movement, or general advice would be most helpful.... many thanks
  9. thx ro63rto, eventually just copied and pasted image, still wont let me use URL for some reason, no worries
  10. hi, i opened an imgur account and tried to paste the URL links, i just get a red bar when i try? thanks
  11. hi, i am trying to add a photo in a message the box in the bottom right " insert other media" gives me the option, " insert existing attachment", when i hit that, i get taken to a folder somewhere, on pm laptop, but dont know where! and i cant change it? how do i get to a folder i want to attach? it doesnt show the "drag files here to attach " option like it does below on the left. thanks
  12. wls, many thanks for your comments - really helpful
  13. Hi, thinking of buying this omega, but wondered what the dial condition shows of the history of this watch, any thoughts? thanks
  14. Guys , great replies and timely, thankyou. believe it or not i did not take a dial photo, i will when i return. thanks
  15. Hi, my watch maker friend has a vulcan aeroplane clock, containing a Lemania 6520 movement, but the balanace staff is broken. He has asked if anyone knows where we can get a Balance staff, think its part no.723. Many thanks
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