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  1. Hi Everyone! Happy Holidays! Now that the festive season is upon us again, does anyone have a wish list from Santa in terms of watches? If you can ask for anything, well, within a certain price range, what would they be and any particular reason why? My wish list goes something like this: USD2000 - Seiko Presage Automatik 60th Anniversary LE. I've only owned a battery quartz watch and this one looks so smooth so it would be good to have. 10000 - IWC Portugieser Chronograph, 42mm, steel. A nice and sound watch to wear everyday. 15000 - Panerai Radiomir PAM0032
  2. Hmmm, the pictures didn't stay on the page. Let me try to attach it instead. Cheers.
  3. Hi Everyone, I found an old zentih gentlemen's watch with the words Batty Manchester on the clock face, located near 6. I can't seem to find anything on the internet that could shed more light. Does anyone know what it means? Is it the model name or source of manufacturing? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much. Jesse
  4. Hiya, Thanks for the suggestion but the customer is happy with just putting back the arms on the sub-dials and is not interested in getting the movement replaced. Cheers. Jesse
  5. Just to give everyone an update, yes, the blade/knife did work. I had to use the Stanley Knife as the razor blade was too flexible and flimsy. I did work around the bezel by turning the watch around as I work the knife between the bezel and case. After a while, the gap widened and the whole bezel and crystal popped out. Woohoo!! I was able to affix the sub-dial arms and place them on 12 positions. Unfortunately though, it seems the movement is faulty. I pressed the buttons and the sub-dials won't move at all and I doubt it measures time in minutes rather than in seconds. It
  6. Hi sperki77, Welcome aboard! I haven't really been digging around here yet but as you will see, it's a treasure trove of watch wisdom, tips and tricks, and a lot of friendly people around, all ready to help and share their passion. It's definitely a place to be. Oh and yeah, we don't really say howdy doody. Hahahaha. That was just me. Unless others do the same. It's more of "G'day. G'day". Also depends on the generation you're speaking to. Good luck in your horological intrepid adventure. Regards, Jesse
  7. Wow! Thank you so much everyone for the warm welcome. As a newbie to this craft I surely will learn a lot from this forum and you guys. Hopefully, as time passes, I'll be able to return the favor when my skills have sharpened. Thank you. Thank you. J
  8. Thanks heaps Cad101. I will try that and hope for the best. Thank you as well for putting out the welcome mat.
  9. Hi folks, I was wondering if anyone knows how to remove a watch face off an Emporio Armani AR-2432. I was able to remove the back case, stem, and push pins but to my shock and horror, found out that the watch face was bigger than the case so I can't pull it from the back. The only thing I can think of is to pop open the front bezel by sticking a stanley knife or razor between the bezel and case. However, before I do that and wreck the watch, I thought it might be best to check with the pros. Reason why I need to get to the front face is to re-position the two chronograph arms th
  10. Hi everyone! Jesse here. I'm from Sydney, Australia. I've taken up a new hobby fixing watches and have been doing basic battery replacement and hand restoration for friends. It's a rewarding experiencing tinkering with watches and knowing that you're able to successfully fix stuff albeit minor. I hope to hang around the forum as I try to learn more of the trade. Thanks so much everyone. Jesse
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