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  1. Hamilton 917 hairspring terminal curve?

    Perfect thank you sir, yes I am taking about a breguet overcoil. Any tips you have for redoing one? The spring was fairly mangled and there was no good way to save what bends were in it so I have made it back to flat and concentric in preparation of redoing the terminal curve overcoil. Thanks again!
  2. Hamilton 917 hairspring terminal curve?

    Perfect thank you, yes the table would be much appreciated!
  3. Hey WRT, Ive got a Hamilton 917 movement I am working on to get better at my hairspring techniques. I was wondering if anyone had a link to a good copy of the terminal curve diagrams and knew what terminal curve these movements are supposed to have? Pretty much the terminal curve is the only thing messed up on this piece and would like to try and fix it instead of replacing it. Thanks!
  4. 3135 hairspring

    Hey all, I'm in the process of remaining a waterdamaged 3135 and am stuck at the hairspring. It is in decent condition waterdamaged Wise but it is twisted to all hell. Is there a source for just the hairspring or do you have to buy the balance assembly all in one?
  5. Lubricants

    The seller is elisabeth9679. Ships from France but only has taken about a week generally to arrive.
  6. Lubricants

    There is a seller on ebay who sells smaller volumes of moebius so it is more affordable if your just doing it as a hobby. She sells like 1ml and 2ml portions
  7. Yes I get that but what about the "weak" part. The main question I had was is 8212 a ok substitute for 8217.
  8. That's what has me questioning it as well. Here is the description from startimesupply.com Moebius Classical Grease, 20ml, Glissalube B, for the walls of alloy, aluminum, nickel plated, barrels (weak braking)
  9. Sorry to bring this one back to life. My local supply house has 8212. It says this is a weak breaking grease for barrels. Is this an acceptable substitute for 8217?
  10. Greetings from Austin, TX

    There is a seiko & citizen forum that I found that has a ton of disassembly and service manuals for the movements. Scwf forum
  11. So the lighter fluid is good with all parts? Do you follow up with a rinse of anything? Just looking to get started myself. Thanks!