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  1. Thanks for sharing... so, hot glue isn't just for cheesy art...
  2. Europa is one of my favorite songs on the whole planet... oh, and on Jupiter, too. You do it justice...
  3. My Dad repaired watches for half a century and played lead guitar and mandolin on weekends for just as long. He made both look easy... My sisters and I sometimes helped him pack up his instruments after a gig. One time, my sister put his Les Paul behind the car... he thought she'd put it in the trunk (boot) and he backed over it. Yikes!!! He bought another guitar and gave the broken guitar to his friend, who rebuilt it and played it for years. By some miracle my sister is still alive.
  4. I don't know if it would be worth it to buy from UK when you have to pay shipping to US. Have you tried Esslinger? They have watch tools at a reasonable price and they are in the US. I've bought from them many times and I've always been satisfied. Just look up Esslinger.com Hope this helps. Shilrey
  5. Sorry for your loss, OldHippy. I also had one of those wonderful monsters (L&R Vari-Matic) that my Dad used... but it was way too much for me. I sold it and bought a used Watchmaster Mark II. I had to ship the L&R... it was 70lbs! I do miss it just because of the nostalgia factor, but I'll never clean enough watches to justify keeping it from a real watchmaker. And since my new little house is very small... I'm happy to have the cute little Watchmaster. Shirley
  6. Welcome, Gav! I have a grandson named Gavin... great name. Lots of good information and friendly, helpful people here in this forum. Stroll around a bit and don't be afraid to ask questions! Shirley
  7. Hahaha! So you were looking at life through "rose-colored glasses".
  8. I don't know anyplace in UK, but there is a place in Scottsdale,Arizona (US) that has an incabloc assortment for $5. They have an 800 number (800) 552-1520 (I don't know how to call international) or their local number is (480) 483-3711. The internet link is http://timesavers.com/i-21262938-incabloc-spring-assortment.html Hope that helps. If not, let me know and I'll keep trying. I have an assortment, but at the moment, it is packed up and I don't know if I can get to it. (I'm having a little house built behind my son, so I'm living out of boxes right now.) If I find anything, I'll let you know. Shirley
  9. Cool method! Come to think of it... don't watchmakers have the cleanest floors in town (at least around their workbench)?
  10. Yes, isn't that the maneuver whereby you're more likely to pull in ships than find your part?
  11. Yep! The quickest way to find a part is to order a replacement...
  12. If you roll a strong flashlight slowly across the floor, sometimes the part will make a shadow and appear larger. I have found missing parts like that. A magnet is also a life-saver. Sometimes I sweep the dust on the floor into a dustpan and run the magnet over the dustpan. Most of the time, though, I'm on my knees either cursing or praying (both techniques work equally as well). Seems my cursing sometimes makes the part mad enough to appear, and if that doesn't work, the praying may buy me a little mercy and the part, feeling sorry for having treating me so harshly, will come crawling back. Whatever your part or whatever your technique, know that you are not alone and all your forum peers are right behind you, cheering you on (with little or no snickering). Shirley
  13. I don't know a thing about clocks, but even in my ignorance, I can see there's something special about this one. I have come up with a few pennies short of the asking price, though...sigh...
  14. Hi, Salvatore! Gee, what's it like to lose a watch part... I've never lost one (total lie). In reality, probably most, if not all watchmakers have a similar story. I'm no different. Honestly, if lost watch parts could glow in the dark, my house would be lit up like a Christmas tree! Welcome to the flying watch parts club (and the Watch repair talk forum) P.S. Glad you found your lost watch! Shirley
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