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  1. isn't a ROLEX Millgauss watch a real antimagnetic watch?
  2. Welcome!! may your Tic,, Tok always beat a straight line!!!
  3. months later still arguing with ebay wanting $620.00.my acct is suspended and I cant do any business on there , I have found other ways to buy parts, direct,
  4. well had 270 great auctions ,NO returns and 100% positive feedback I thought honesty and a great record would help me on this ebay case I've been very honest with my discriptions and very thorough. this seems to be the new scam on ebay, they changed something on how they verify discriptions, and they allow the buyer to return and key ONLY on when the post office says it has been signed for they send an empty box keep your item and get their money back, my opinion I Ebay should not state its alright to have no returns in USA but they were going to take my watch is my guess anyway,, I don't t
  5. i sit her very disheartened tonight, you guys know I have just returned to watchmaking, and had purchased a 1560 off ebay that has been a real nightmare for me, well at Christmas I had been working on a tudor prince and I decide to sell it so that I could buy a timing machine and maybe one of those 10x to 300x work stations for electronic soldering but I thought I could use it to really look in watches because of my bad eyes,i had owned this watch since the 80's I recently sent the dial off for a refinish and put on new hands crystal crown, gasket set , it only sold for 620.00 at auction so
  6. not 11 series sorry. 1560.1530, something crossed my mind as well the balance bridge doesn't match the movement??I pulled the new balance back out abd packaged it
  7. I just realized in looking at the pics in the post from John, the watch has the wrong balance n it the hairspring on an 1130 post is in a different position allowing the hairspring to clear the screw on the balance bridge it drops the spring before it gets to that area, on "mine" it drops the spring under the bridge and just barely rubs the bridge probably affecting the spring travel. When I bought a replacement Balance complete I matched what was in there nit realizing the beat difference change., at looking at an 1130 it would need no hairspring adjustment to fit in place as the 1170 did
  8. I set the hands on 12 on the rolex and on my elgin and in one hour it gain 6 mins! so somebody here is smart! THANKS!
  9. John I don't have a working timing machine , I really need to buy another one, AND YES IT WAS PURCHASED IN PEICES , THATS WHY I DONT KNOW WHAT I HAVE AND EVEN though I have cleaned a lot of Rolexs I never took the time to learn the differences , I could tear one down clean it oil it , time it , polished the cases, I tore each one down and only did 6 at a time in a Watchmaster and kept everything separate, . I didn't have to pay attention to the parts mingling, but I could see if you had a bunch out on a bench and went behind someone else you might screw things up and switch a few parts.
  10. i have checked all that nothing is showing that i can see after many views of it, the last one acted the same. its funny to have the same problem even after replacing the complete balance, i have never run into this before , this watch was on ebay and the watchmaker died and a novice gathered up all the watches and sold them for the widow, i keep wondering if there was a wrong part added, although i cant see what it would be, the balance bridge doesn't look right but is correct for this series, there is a beat difference between the 1560 and the 1570 , i went to the other end thinking an aft
  11. i recently purchased a Rolex 1560 on ebay, the watch was disassembled, the balance bridge was well worn in comparison to the other watch plates showing brass under base. the person said it needed a minor hairspring adjustment, I assembled it and adjusted the hairspring several times to get it correct but it was TOO far gone,i think someone didn't realize it had a hairspring protector in it and pulled the balance with the bar in the way thus stringing out the hairspring, long story short I purchased a new balance complete for $250.00 on ebay that had been opened but not installed, I also o
  12. i had a friend with a harmoney in high school when they were NEW!! ha
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