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  1. So , I have replaced the cell in my customer's TAG CE1120. It is running fine. The push buttons governing the running of the sweep hands are not working at all. I took the cell out and removed the movement cover then reinstalled the cell. The BOTTOM button is working but the top button is not. Mind you, it is depressing perfectly and seems to make contact with the mechanism. Is there some sort of AC on this watch that requires resetting? Any help is appreciated Todd
  2. Andrew, I am tend to be a very disorganized guy. I always marvel at the RE assembly of movements. I do not work on mechanical's but would like to be able to disassemble quartz movements for whatever is required. My question is, how does one keep all of the screws so that the same screw or at least same screw size goes back to where it belongs? I am not sure as to what parts proper names are. Is there a good resource for this as well? Thanks very much indeed Todd
  3. Hi and thank you for the feed back. As soon as I put the battery in the hands started going to a particular time and the date ran forward a few days in Arabic numbers but then began reversing showing Roman Numerals. There are these very tiny "Circuit" features on the mechanism that says "Day 1" " Month , etc.
  4. Needing to replace cell, does this watch set in a similar fashion to the Seiko Perpetual quartz? Thanks very much indeed Todd
  5. I just bought a couple of very nice tweezers. If I keep them on my battery changing , link removing bench......you know what will happen. How does everybody store there tweezers while not in use? Merry Christmas Todd
  6. I just found a forum on replacing these things. I am going to give it a go. Thanks http://forums.watchuseek.com/f20/seamaster-clasp-spring-replacement-how-576548-3.html
  7. First of all, thanks to everyone who promptly replied to my dial dot issues last week. I think I got it sorted. I just took in a stainless Omega. The clasp will not close and the buttons are not moving freely. I put the bugger in the ultrasonic for about an hour and then added Mobeus oil around both buttons. It is a bit better but the clasp is still not closing as it should. Does something need replaced or is there a possible adjustment ?
  8. Hello everyone, I have installed a new RONDA 785 in a watch. The watch dial feet were missing and so I carefully used dial dots. The date wheel is working as is the hour and minute. It has been spot on time for the past 72 hours. When i add the second hand it flicker back and forth. I am hoping I dont have to remove the wretched dial again and would value your advise on trouble shooting. Thanks very much indeed Todd
  9. I have taken in a lady's Timex manual wind with sweep hand and date (Movement number that I can find "23B or "238"). Does anyone know of a possible source for a replacement movement or someone that could service this one for me. I dont see any rust and the balance moves freely. Thanks
  10. I took in this "OW" automatic with ETA 2824-2 mechanism. The customer snapped the stem. I was able to get the tiny bit of remaining stem fragment out of the crown with Toe nail clippers. I added a stem extender and began the "trial and error" process of measuring for the correct length. During this process the stem would engage the hands to change the time as well as the date. Now it will only engage the date wheel. Have a knackered something up? I thought I better ask you guys prior to further knackering. Thanks
  11. I took this thing in to replace the cell and polish the case and bracelet. The dial worked loose from the mechanism, I reattached it but when I re install the hands , the minute hand pops off as soon as I put the case back on. I reattempted the procedure three times and yet no success. Has any one had experience with these? Todd
  12. So I just had to take the bezel off this thing to clean whatever manner of detritus was breeding underneath it. I removed it , removed the little ring thingy that I guess serves as the "Click spring" , then the plastic wheel with teeth. Everything went back together just fine, as far as I can tell, but once I press the bugger back on , it does not "Seat" down onto the case as it did before. The bezel clicks very nicely and after three attempts to remedy the issue I thought I would as you. Happy St. Georges Day Todd
  13. I have a mens TAG caliber WAF2110. I need a replacement crystal and have not been successful. I went to the Boley site but it tells me that the WAF2110 is not relevant. I went to the Cousins site and they don't have the correct thickness. The original crystal measures approx. 2.2 millimeters. Any suggestions on sourcing either a generic or factory? Thanks very much indeed Todd
  14. Or it might just be that since I did not have the hands on and turning it the WRONG direction.............this is why I don't run a day care! :)
  15. I have a brand new VD53B movement.....so far so good. The wretched thing will not change over the date! I can manually adjust it and when it approaches midnight it BEGINS to change but then falls back to the date it was originally set. The stem is new...using the factory stem. Thanks in advance for feedback and enjoy the weekend Todd
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