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  1. After tried....... The date parts of 628 is different From 158 31/7. So is the calendar ring.
  2. It is pretty hard to set the time. It must be something wrong with the module. And I noticed that teeth of the date ring is almost missing! And the date corrector and yoke...... I browsed the intercharge list on JulesBorel. These also can be found from BFG 582. But both are rare calibers in Chinese market...... I am searching Internet...... A day-date BFG 628! From the technical document on Cousins, parts I need (2566, 2566/1, 2557/1) look like the same. So I bought this immediately and I am waiting for 4 days delivery...... Continued
  3. Boring days passed...... When the Sicura watch and the donor watch arrived, they look like junk. Yes, I bought a watch with only a mainplate and a rotor and jump hour parts! So I can use my Whitney watch that have been in the drawer for few weeks...... It costs me few dollars. The Sicura shows a BFG 158 31/7 caliber and the Whitney is 158...... They shares the same base movement. Therefore it is possible to combine two calibers into a single jump hour, though it seems strange. After servicing, it works like a charm until....... the jump hour is installed. Watch stopped?
  4. This is the movement information. http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&&2uswk&ZentRa_8 I have one but barrel arbor is missing...... And it is hard to get the right part from my home...... Is there any temporary way?
  5. Thanks. However, now it's time to do a hairspring adjutment. If successful, the problem solves. If not, there's exactly nothing to do with it. Thinking a lot, I guess it makes no sense to move jumping hour system to an 866. Maybe replacing the whole movement is more easier.
  6. It seems that bfg 866 has similar structure of jump hour. http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&&2uswk&Baumgartner_582_DIG http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&&2uswk&Baumgartner_866_DIG
  7. Hi, How about the barrel? And, maybe I have to make a hairspring adjustment but I don't know how to take the balance apart. Last, if using 866, can I install the 582 jump hour system on it? Thanks Jonnes
  8. Hi, I'm currently working on a Majestime jump hour watch bought from a US eBay seller. Before buying, I searched for Google and found it was using EB 880X movement. But yesterday I got it and there was a BFG 582 movement!After searching, I found there're plenty of BFG 866 watch but no 582 watch on website in China. Of course, there are several suppliers in US, UK and India saying they have 582 parts. However, the postage is twice or more as the price of parts. And as a senior middle student, it's not affordable to buy. By the way, the barrel wheel and balance is broken. So, I come up with two ideas: 1. Using 866 parts 2. Install 582 jump hour parts on 866 movement. Is it possible?
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