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  1. Hello all, I've been a member for a few years but gave up trying after multiple failures and a lack of funds, now I'm back, I'm going to turn my shed into a workshop, I've been completing Mark's level 2 course and I've already started level 3. The theory is a lot easier than the practical for me. Anyway, hopefully I will succeed this time, I know there are a lot of helpful people on here. Cheers, Dave.
  2. Omega speedmaster manual wind, zenith El primero chronomaster from about the year 2000, triple date moonphase. I have no doubt santa will Not be bringing me them for a few Christmases yet lol.
  3. Welcome to the forum, you will get a lot of help from here. Good luck.
  4. I wondered why I'd lost my patron status, was trying to watch the videos and it wouldn't let me.
  5. I do have small wrists and it is large but looks a lot bigger in the photo, maybe it's the angle. I had to get one I've got a thing about orange, not sure how long I will keep it for though.
  6. Yes it's the good old 7s26, so when it comes to service time maybe I will be confident enough to do it myself.
  7. It doesn't dig in at all, but is quite heavy.
  8. My latest addition, orange monster. you definitely know it's on your arm.
  9. I want to get myself a collection of zenith watches, Rolls Royce watches for BMW money in my opinion. They have made some beautiful chronographs.
  10. Daveb


    Hi Derek, welcome from another newbie, very helpful people here.
  11. I think the problem lies with the escape wheel or the jewels it is seated in. I am going to try a bridge off of another movement and if that doesn't work I will try another Base. If that doesn't work I will buy another escape wheel.
  12. I think I am using one of his as I managed to lose mine on the floor. The other spare one is rusted on the the pinion. ( is it a pinion?) I haven't got the best set up at the moment and things dissappear easily.
  13. At least I,m learning the movement like the back of my hand.
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