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  1. Well to sum up I have found Naphtha or lighter fuel sold under many brand names Ronson, Zippo, etc is ideal for cleaning watches, leaves minimal residue and is very cheap to purchase. I have even used it in an ultrasonic cleaner diluted with a propriety ultrasonic watch cleaning fluid which in its self is toxic and highly inflammable. Of course I don't drink it, sniff it, bathe my eyes in it or tip it in the fish pond.
  2. Sounds about right.Actually all that applies to most things under my kitchen sink..Its the same stuff we all fill our b..... cars up with but Ive never read all that printed on the pumps. Hope we get out of the EU before the Eurocrats insist on E10 Ethanol petrol which is a solvent and destroys everything in sight. An oil industry chemist told me once that unleaded petrol is far more harmful than the old leaded four star
  3. That is so tidy. Mine always seems to be untidy with parts of watches, tools and part finished projects cluttering up the worktop. I purchase lots of movements for spares or repair so I have movements waiting for a case and cases waiting for a movement. These are usually kept on bookshelves in small labelled plastic boxes. Your disciplined work practice is to be commended
  4. Thanks all for your help....Spot on 7066 with date
  5. Offered to me by an elderly lady. Lives a long way away and sent me the pic. (Thats why its out of focus) Can I do anything with it? So it would be nice to know the calibre first before commiting myself re availability of spares etc. Thought it might be recognisable by the photo as obviously I cant ask her to look under the balance wheel.
  6. Very quick one....Can anyone supply the calibre of this Accurist movemet please?
  7. Thanks OH Its corrected now
  8. Could some one please tell me if I have the date jumper on this MST 521 up the right way. It flew away when I took the cover plate off. Managed to find it and the spring but might not be so lucky next time....Thanks
  9. Thanks HSL for your very detailed and instuctive reply. I appreciate the date jumper is out of position in the pic but when in position and the hands turned the date driving wheel engages with the teeth of the date wheel then takes the least line of resistance and is pushed in by the teeth towards the hub without moving the wheel at all. Thanks OH I will try it with a new one.
  10. That is because I loosened the plate at 14 to see if it was binding. The date wheel revolves easily by the 'Quickset' method but will not move by moving the hands or by normal working of the watch
  11. I personally don't think it looks bad as it is and I absolutely love those expanding bracelets. Excalibur 49 or 50 if I'm not mistaken. Did'nt think £140 was bad for a refurbished dial. The trouble is any you might find on line etc will probably be as bad if not worse than yours.
  12. Hope everyone is well and not suffering too much eye strain. On the ETA 2783 -1....Could someone please explain the correct function of the date drive wheel or at least one of its components, the small copper coloured pin which emerges from the centre hub, gets ready to turn the date wheel, fails to do so then disappears behind the hub until the cycle has passed. Is the reason it fails to turn the date wheel because the spring is weak or date wheel too tight in its location or some other reason? The pic is a Garrard S76/28 which I think is very similar.
  13. Look excellent screwdrivers. Got mine from Cousins on a turntable which look very similar. Think you should have moved the 'Rolson' tweezers out of the way before taking the pic though.
  14. Totally agree with Colditz. If you want a luxury watch beit 3000 4000 or 5000 bucks go and buy it while you still can. But see my earlier post (Make it a gold watch) because as soon as you leave the smooth talking salesman and walk out the door it is immediately worth around 25% less than what you paid for it and it will continually drop in value until it becomes a vintage watch. Of course gold drops in price and fluctuates but will always recover and historically will always edge up. So your luxury gold watch could be worth more in 10 years than the price you paid for it. My idea of a lu
  15. If you want some advice on what to spend your 3000 bucks on....Its very simple even in a recession....GOLD You will never lose and when the recession is over you can buy a dozen 'luxury watches'
  16. I'm giving a plug for those in the UK (No commission or personal gained involved) for Allendale Ultrasonics. They have always been very helpful to me providing good customer service and advice. They sell a full range of everything Ultrasonic including cleaning fluid. As far as watch cleaning is concerned they advised me to use small glass jars with 10% fluid 90% hot water which I have used with good success. The glass apparently has no effect on the cavitation process and obviously avoids filling the tank with cleaning fluid. Transfer with tweezers to another jar with water to rinse. Hope this
  17. Thankyou. Might just leave it then
  18. Had this item offered by mail order. Selling her husbands tools and obviously knows nothing about it. Can anyone help? Does it look as if its for clocks? Does it look complete?
  19. Thanks Marc...Never come across this set up before....That should sort it out
  20. Actually, I think you are the first !!!! Unless other members would like to come forward
  21. Can anyone tell me if there is any special procedure for tightening or loosening the canon pinion on an ETA 2783 please? At present it is very tight. Yes I could ream it out a little but if I do it too much how do I tighten it again as it doesnt appear to have the usual crimp marks? In fact its not crushable. Many thanks
  22. Thanks watchweasol. Thats very useful. It appears I might have a piece missing or the wrong screw to secure the date jumper as when it is tight it bends part 53 080 away from part 33 030 whichstops the watch and causes disengagement of the date driving wheel.
  23. Thanks for your reply. Yes it is very similar. The second pic shows the plate securing the date jumper spring. When the screw is secured (by the 9) it pushes the top of the jumper spring away from the wheel which I'm sure should be flat. Am I missing a shim or something to stop this?
  24. Don't do much work on quartz watches but I purchased a Longines recently as a box of bits. I have assembled it and got it running but I am stuck on one part. Before I post any pictures I wanted to check if anyone is familiar with the ETA 954 111 movement. The part I am having problems with is fittng the date jumper. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  25. Depends what type you intend to get. I use the screw down type like the pic. Seems to give you more control but the princible is the same. The smaller die presses down on the inside of the crystal and contracts the outer rim. The watch front is then pressed down onto the crystal. Hold down while undoing the the large wheel. Hopefully the crystal will then be in place. Takes a bit of practise. A small circle of linen will prevent the top die marking the crystal.
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