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  1. Purchased this set for the princely sum of £5 at a boot sale (flea market) in exceptionally good condition. The tubes are full of spares too. Anyone heard of ABS?
  2. PaulnKC Glad you have found something your happy with. I use mine all the time now and rarely use a loupe. I sometimes wonder if I should have spent a bit more and got an auto zoom. Its ok when the watch is flat everything is sharp and in focus but when you stand the watch on its edge for say removing dial screws you have to wind back the focus. Ive also noticed that when using a loupe click springs fly away and you usually know the direction. Using a microscope they just 'disappear'
  3. Over engineering comes to mind
  4. What the hells wrong with glass?? https://www.eternaltools.com/watchmakers-oil-cups-set-4pc
  5. Welcome rstl99....You will find lots of invaluable knowledge and plenty of help here. Its got to be better than watching television !!! Reality, Reality, Reality TV ....It got so I only watched the news and now 'Brexit' has stopped me watching that. The House of Fools..
  6. Thanks Bernie Trouble is I don't want to chew it up.. Perhaps WD 40 for a soak
  7. It is an excellent website, totally fit for purpose and in my opinion needs no alteration whatsoever. Easy to navigate around the different forums. Picture uploads are quick and clear. Works with any browser... Why fix it if it aint broke...The RIA term or Rich website mentioned does'nt apply. Sorry Mark I was just telling you what it meant not saying that we need it
  8. Its a computer term which basically means the site is user friendly to interactive features like multiple menus, drag and drop facilities, browser plugins etc
  9. Bernie That little silver disc with a screw through it in your final pic....Is that a left hand thead? Been trying to remove it for a while with no success. I think its pull out to change time and the problem is under that disc
  10. Thanks Bernie...They sure will. I keep buying the B.....y things at an auction I go to..Seems to be more in the Uk than in the US There seems to be an inherent problem with the pendant set watches. Lots of them wind ok but dont change the time. I suppose its a time thing. Tend to forget most are over 100 years old.
  11. http://www.brunelmicroscopes.co.uk/longarm.html Have a look at these....I'm in the UK but I'm sure I have seen the advertised in the US
  12. Thanks again HSL Your a lifesaver. Think I will use that link you gave me....I did find another website called Windingstems.com which might be useful in the future but a bit more expensive. Especially if I keep breaking 2 a week
  13. PaulnKC....Your only a youngster...Its personal preference I know but I use a long arm microscope. I prefer it to anything else. Plenty of working space between the lens and the watch and possibly less eye strain. More expensive than most but hell you only have to buy it once.
  14. I must be getting clumsy, old (or both). I have broken 2 stems in a week. HSL very kindly sorted me an equivilant for an ETA movement. Now a nice little Cyma has suffered the same fate through me being careless. You know the type. Snap on back. movement comes out inserted in the back. Dial is flush with the edge of the case. Can''t lever dial for fear of damage so a finger nail under the crown usually free's up the movement. Not with this one. The stem broke like a carrot. An extension is not possible because there is no thread left on the business end of the stem. The usual suppliers tell me that its obsolete. Any ideas from anyone that might help me get a stem for a 486-2.
  15. Yes dismantle...Thats the way to go.....
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