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  1. Thankyou. Might just leave it then
  2. Had this item offered by mail order. Selling her husbands tools and obviously knows nothing about it. Can anyone help? Does it look as if its for clocks? Does it look complete?
  3. Thanks Marc...Never come across this set up before....That should sort it out
  4. Actually, I think you are the first !!!! Unless other members would like to come forward
  5. Can anyone tell me if there is any special procedure for tightening or loosening the canon pinion on an ETA 2783 please? At present it is very tight. Yes I could ream it out a little but if I do it too much how do I tighten it again as it doesnt appear to have the usual crimp marks? In fact its not crushable. Many thanks
  6. Thanks watchweasol. Thats very useful. It appears I might have a piece missing or the wrong screw to secure the date jumper as when it is tight it bends part 53 080 away from part 33 030 whichstops the watch and causes disengagement of the date driving wheel.
  7. Thanks for your reply. Yes it is very similar. The second pic shows the plate securing the date jumper spring. When the screw is secured (by the 9) it pushes the top of the jumper spring away from the wheel which I'm sure should be flat. Am I missing a shim or something to stop this?
  8. Don't do much work on quartz watches but I purchased a Longines recently as a box of bits. I have assembled it and got it running but I am stuck on one part. Before I post any pictures I wanted to check if anyone is familiar with the ETA 954 111 movement. The part I am having problems with is fittng the date jumper. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  9. Depends what type you intend to get. I use the screw down type like the pic. Seems to give you more control but the princible is the same. The smaller die presses down on the inside of the crystal and contracts the outer rim. The watch front is then pressed down onto the crystal. Hold down while undoing the the large wheel. Hopefully the crystal will then be in place. Takes a bit of practise. A small circle of linen will prevent the top die marking the crystal.
  10. Its very sad but as you get older your fingers aint the same...I don't think I could do without a selection of those grab claw crown winders which keep my hand wind watches going especially when the crown gets a little worn. Perhaps I should just stick to automatic watches
  11. Very true JDM.....Probably going back to my childhood..It has the feeling of a small pedal car....
  12. Still think the chinese copy of the Bergeon 5700 is the best value for money. Never failed to remove a stubborn caseback yet and without marks. Had mine for nearly a year now and at £160 as against £700 its a no brainer...
  13. Hi Guys Can anyone give some ideas on what may cause the problem with my Tissot 782-1 movement? The problem is this. The movements power reserve is 36 -40 hours. Fully wind, set the time and it keeps excellent time for around 15 hours. The next 15 hours or so it gains time at a regular rate of about 12 minutes per hour. Wind it, set the time and the watch keeps time for 15 hours or so then gains time as above. I can understand perhaps losing time as the mainspring loses power but not gaining time. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks
  14. Thanks HSL Iv'e bitten the bullet and found a dealer in the US who sells the complete setup...Teach me to be more careful when removing the balance. Yes it is the same movement in a gold cased Garrard. I think I might purchase another spring and fit it to the bridge as an excercise. So it just pushes in and twists? Some seem to be diagonal to the bridge fixing....
  15. As far as I'm concerned the hairspring is the 'Achilles Heel' of the amateur watch repairer. I can manage most things with a varying degree of ability but the hairspring always seems to be a stumbling block for me anyway. I recently ruined a spring from a 2892.2 movement. Whilst removing the balance complete with bridge the spring caught on the teeth of one of the wheels. Spent hours trying to gently 'smooth' out the distortion. In the end gave up and went for a new one. One question I would like to ask is when ordering a 'Balance Complete' presumably it is the balance wheel with spring attached. On this particular movement the spring is attached to the bridge by a wedge shaped pin which appears to be glued on (see photo sorry about quality) What level of ability is required to attach the spring to the bridge or should I go for balance spring and bridge which of course more expensive?
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