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  1. chrisdt

    Longines 30LS

    I have also recently purchased a 30LS.Serial number dates it to 1962 also in 9ct. Mine is a presentation watch engraved on the back. just waiting for a new crystal. Crown on mine appears to be original.
  2. chrisdt

    Stereo Microscope

    Click on the link above
  3. chrisdt

    Stereo Microscope

    I use a standard but modified pine desk which is painted white and covered in white vinyl, an adjustable stool which gives me just the right height. The movement or movement holder would be about 22cm from the front edge of the desk which is lipped at the front to catch (most) airborne springs and screws. I can work for hours without back or eye strain but whatever arrangement you have I think regular breaks are important
  4. chrisdt

    Stereo Microscope

    http://www.brunelmicroscopes.co.uk/longarm.html Brunel BM1 Long arm 10x eyepiece and a range of objectives x1 or x2 which gives a total mag of x10 or x20 which is ample for most watch maintenance
  5. chrisdt

    Stereo Microscope

    I have one and wouldnt be without it In focus you have just under 6 inches or 15cm. Ample room for screwdiver, tweezers etc...
  6. Then perhaps a burr on the edge of the case back is the problem. dress the edge with a small needle file removing any swarf as you go. Only a small bit at a time mind and eventually it will go on...
  7. Well perhaps Ive been doing it wrong but I do it the opposite way to noirrac1j. Watch face down on the concave die so the lugs take the pressure. Flat top die just slightly smaller than the case back, line it up then slowly increase the pressure until you hear that 'snick' noise. Its easier with a screw down press because it gives you more control.
  8. It would be the same one you pushed to release the stem. Sometimes the keyless works (if not lubricated) will not let the stem back in and require some assistance to engage. Failing that I'm afraid its hands and dial of (again?) Is it the right stem??? From your picture the hands look as if they need re setting anyway....Set at 12.00 just as date changes. Hope this helps Chris
  9. Have you tried pushing the little button which, from your pic is just below the crown. Push gently and revolve the stem as you push it in.
  10. chrisdt

    My new apron, a simple solution.

    Perhaps you are just lucky Ron.....Plenty of room each side of your arms for a wayward click spring hell bent on freedom
  11. chrisdt

    No Markings

    Thanks for your help OH...Yes it does appear to be the stem. The crown wheel appears to be 'floating' and as you wind it slides across and engages with the ratchet wheel...Never seen that before. With the back removed and puting some slight pressure on the movement towards the crown it engages correctly. It has a plastic movement ring with tags that engage with the pushers.
  12. chrisdt

    Case bezel opening question

    Possibly not as drastic as shortening the shaft just reseating the second hand onto the shaft....Perhaps you bent it up slightly on assembly. Please be careful using razor blades or pen knives to open case backs. One slip can cause a lot of pain......I know from experience!!!
  13. chrisdt

    Fontier Tec Max

    It comes from the USA. Heres a pic of the box..Seem to be colour coded...Pehaps right and left? 8 barrels and 9 handles/arbors?
  14. chrisdt

    No Markings

    It has a problem with the stem.....In short its too short. When pushed right in it it still turns the hands..I was hoping to find a stem but I might try a smaller crown or loctight the original crown a few turns back up the thread
  15. Recently purchased this set from a make offer guy on the bay for a good price.....He says he knows nothing about them or what they do...I probably should have asked before purchase but can anyone comment on this company and the usefulness or otherwise of my impulse purchase. They are described AS NEW Thanks