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  1. Basically what they have done is increase their charges to cover the costs they incur by using a credit card. Then give you 2.5% back if you use a debit card. Sylvia Rook from the Chartered Trading Standards Institute said was "no different" to a card surcharge. This is not the only company to use back door methods to retain their finances. I personally refrain from using a debit card on line. Bank transfer is probably the way to go although you still are in effect paying the 2.5% surcharge. I had an altercation with a local auction house soon after the ruling came in in January last year. I left the goods I had bid on and said "I'm afraid you will have to sell these items again" They billed me by post on two occasions but I just returned the invoices "Less 2.5%...Please amend" Needless to say I didn't pay and never got the goods.
  2. chrisdt

    Date quickset not working

    Thanks @HSL Thats a life saver.....Many Thanks Chris
  3. chrisdt

    Date quickset not working

    Second pic is under the dial
  4. chrisdt

    Date quickset not working

    Got the date jumper which was attached to the date wheel guard and the unlocking yoke appears to be still attached. Well it would be nice to get it right because its a Rotary in a 9ct gold case.
  5. chrisdt

    Date quickset not working

    Definately 1911 but your right could be Franen....Also has MD stamped on it not sure what that means...Repeated pushing the crown does nothing
  6. This is an AS 1911 which according to Ranftt should have date quickset. The stem does move though 3 positions but they are right in...wind...second position...wind...right out...hand change. So before I dismantle completely...Anyone have any ideas what might be missing or broken. I don't actually know how the quickset mechanism works so any help would be appreciated.
  7. chrisdt

    Bestfit Catalogues

    Very useful.....Mine actually open without a password which is good too as I'm liable to forget them
  8. chrisdt

    Watch crystal cracks

    As mentioned previously the plastic has probably degraded. It could have been cracked before you removed it from the watch. Sometimes cracks in acrylic are difficult to detect especially if viewed straight down. Sometimes only visible when looking at the rim. Probably it was quite happy whilst in the watch but could not withstand the stress of being pushed out and polished. The rim is the weakest point.
  9. chrisdt

    Stand alone microscope review

    I also purchased one of these thanks @canthusand @transporter I too use it for dressing tweezers, screwdrivers and the like but for watch movements I would not be without my long arm microscope for most of the work....However it is good for recording a dismantle process on a micro sd card for later reference or in laymans terms Where the b..... hell does that piece go.
  10. chrisdt

    Watch crystal cracks

    Is it glass or plastic? From your picture it looks very scratched to be glass. Over time plastic becomes brittle and stars to degrade. The way forward then is a new crystal. At not very much money it can enhance the look of an otherwise dull and uninteresting watch. If its glass I have had some success with a small jewelery buffing wheel and a small amount of 'Dialux buffing paste. Place the glass on a soft surface and gently buff the whole surface. You can do it by hand but its a lot more work. Don't introduce too much pressure though because the heat generated will crack the glass. My own personal opinion for what its worth is 'New every time'
  11. chrisdt

    Bestfit Catalogues

    If your anti virus software is up to date you wont have a problem
  12. chrisdt

    Bestfit Catalogues

    Yes its the orange download box NOT the blue ones
  13. chrisdt

    Bestfit Catalogues

    Thanks OH......Much appreciated
  14. chrisdt

    5700 Type Back Opener

    Further on this Chinese case back opener....Did you ever buy one ? Not had much occasion to use the vice that came with the kit but over Christmas unpacked it and this is what I found..... So is this Chinese import from the Swiss? (I doubt it) Is it a Chinese copy? but they wouldnt put the (correct) Bergeon number on...Would they? It is excellent quality. It retails from Bergeon for almost as much as the complete outfit around £60
  15. chrisdt

    Hello from the Midwest US

    Nice to have you aboard Bill I have a few Walthams Elgin and AWC from your country. In my view the best pocket watches you can get. I would imagine if I lived in your country I would have a lot more.......