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  1. New Tools!

    But will it help to put the bezel back on????? Thats the problem I always seem to have
  2. Can anyone please help with the winding assembly of this Waltham pocket watch. Everything seemed to be in good condition except for winding and hand moving. After removing the dial and hands several parts were floating about. Ive fathomed some of it but I'm not sure about the purpose of the long strip spring or where it lives. Also the the ? spring which shows on other side and how it relates to the top wheel. Any assistance would be appreciated. I have removed the mainspring barrel for photos.
  3. Longines

    Someone who knows I like messing with watches has asked me to look at his Longines wind up watch. For obvious reasons I only work on MY OWN watches but as he's a friend I said I will have look at it for him and he's assured me he wont hold me responsible for any damage incurred. The problem is winding. The crown is in good order but it feels very stiff and difficult to wind although with effort it can be done. Other than that it runs perfectly and keeps time. Before I start dismantling could anyone advise me what to look for. Could it perhaps be cured without dismantling? Chris
  4. Watch dial restoration/cleaning

    Manufactured in the UK by The website gives a MSDS but no smell of ammonia
  5. I know this is a difficult subject and many a watch dial has been completely ruined by over zealous attempts at cleaning but I thought I would pass on a method that seems to work for me. 14 or 15 q tips and a tiny amount of neat 'Sensitive Metals Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluid. I did'nt take a before and after photo because I thought it would be a failure but I can assure you that the dial of this Rotary Super Sports was nearly as dark as the pad it sits on. In fact it was almost impossible to read the 'Super Sports' wording. Whatever you do dont flood the dial with the fluid, just damp q tip and work from the centre out. Just thought it might be worth a try especially if you have an ultrasonic cleaner. No liability accepted.
  6. Thanks Marc...Cant find any marks on mine though
  7. Thanks for your help. I'm wondering if the bottom jewel is worn so that the base of the escape wheel does'nt enter the slot in the cylinder. Thanks anyway just have to burn some more midnight oil!!!
  8. Think so....Like a wrap around L Chris
  9. Yes it was covered in crud. Put it back in same position but now I cant seem to engage the escape wheel with the cylinder. The top and bottom plug appear to be in the same position. Chris
  10. Ive just disassembled and cleaned an old swiss pocket watch with cylinder escapement. Reassembly went ok until refitting the balance. Can anyone please tell me if there is a secret way to install it. Ive tried various things but but which ever way I fit it the escapement seems locked. First time Ive tried one of these (and probably the last) Any assistance would be appreciated. Chris
  11. My Basic Watch Repair Tools

    I think I might give up.. I thought I only needed a bed spanner, lots of enthusiasm and a rubbish bin to put all the watch bits in!!!!
  12. Certina Club 2000 from around 1968

    That looks really nice...almost too good to be true for a 50 year old watch. Has it been refinished or a new dial? Would be interested to see the movement if you could post a pic. (Careful with that case back knife now)
  13. Desta Forrester

    Sorry perhaps I did'nt describe it correctly. Only one reel on the left hand side. Some one who saw the post last night phoned me and said it probably means Thursday is the 4th day of the week Friday the 5th and so on although why a window on watch is required for that is anyone's guess. CDT
  14. Desta Forrester

    Recently acquired this Desta Forrester Auto. never come across one before although had several watches with the 4009 movement. One simple question. A nice easy one to start the weekend. What is the significance of the dual date? Right hand side ok but the left is fixed Tuesday 4 Wednesday 5 etc...Only any good every 4 or 5 years. Thanks. CDT
  15. AS I mentioned @Marc the bezel came off but wont go back on again despite numerous attempts with 8 fingers six pairs of tweezers, 2am, frustration. (Contemplating super glue)