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  1. Bob, Thank you so much for the historical lesson on the progression of material development and selection. It gave me a good excuse to break out my old Mischke Engineering Design book. In the next week or so, when I send my watch to the manufacturer to be serviced, I will ask them about the innards of my timepiece. If I learn more, I will certainly follow-up on this thread. What I can tell you now is that my watch is made by Reactor. It is their serial numbered flagship model known as the Poseidon Ti. It has some sort of newer, more rugged design of automatic winding mechani
  2. The oscillator, or something, in my automatic wrist watch seems to be greatly affected by outside temperature (summer vs winter). It seems to run fast in the summer, and even faster in winter (The manufacturer said they could adjust it). Q: Is this difference with temperature normal/possible? and Q: What would cause this? [a poor choice of hair spring material (stiffer in cold = higher rate)??? a poor choice in lubricant???] Thoughts? As an Engineer, I like to understand causes and effects. As far as my watch is concerned, I will be surprised if there is a
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