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  1. That is a great tip ! I am sure I have an opportunity to try that one day
  2. could be it was a real challenge to pry off the back and it seems almost impossible to press it back in ...Hope u are well Vinn !
  3. Ladies and gents, This is the challenge watch ...a Skagen SKW6247 Men's Ancher Stainless Steel I proceeded to do a very simple task, some of you would consider extremely easy, changing a watch battery.... read on it gets more interesting... Well the back was extremely tight so it took quite a bit of leverage with the pry tool but it did come off and from my novice experience what is difficult to take off is usually difficult to pop back in. So I took out my handy dandy back case press and proceeded to pop the back in when the front came out....as did the movement and the minute hand was loose (so I will have to address that later) The crystal is part of the bezel and it all came out when I attempted to press the back in , makes sense since that's the only way that you can change the movement which is 42 mm and the back entry is 36 mm. The bezel seems to have a small lip and I am absolutely mystified on where to line this up in order to press it back in. My current experience is when you don't know what to do, you stop, put the watch away until you find a solution. Is there a technique that is used to pop the crystal/bezel combo back in for these scenarios ??? Signed Truly perplexed novice..
  4. Many thanks GleaveandCoLuke ! That's exactly what happened the movement just froze up !! I am unable to set the watch forward or backward. I think I will have to go with the new movement, it will be easier
  5. That's very smart ! "direction that the numbers were printed on the wheel." So that's the difference, always nice to get the answers from the PROS. Many thanks Gpsluvr & Melt
  6. Hello all. I have been preoccupied with family matters (both parents have passed away in the last 19 months). I now have more time to repair timepieces. I need to replace an ETA 956.114-2H-D6 but these seem to be rather difficult to find in a new format. The suppliers have the 956.112 with date at 6 that is compatible, but I would like to stick with the .114 if possible. I have found a few with the date at 3. Does that make any difference ? Is the mechanism designed in such a way that the date change has to be at 6 for a movement with a date at 6 ? This is the 114 with date at 3 This is the 112 with date at 6
  7. I started off with that kit, you might want to consider better tweezers. It really is a worthwhile investment.
  8. If it makes you feel any better I got soaked on this one, i must have read to quickly its just for the spring bar, not the band https://www.ebay.com/itm/2-High-Quality-Spring-Bars-Pins-for-Watch-Bands-Straps-18-26-mm-new/302247792502?hash=item465f5f4f76:m:mq_ajmxAeTFYTYAS_CcvuSw
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