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  1. I will need to have a deeper look into user manual then. The pattern mode looks fine as you say.
  2. Thanks for taking part in the discussion John. Looks like you know a lot more than me about the timing machines. I don't know If I need a preamp that's why I starter this doscussion. Please, have a look at these pics. Scope mode and the analysis mode. The same watch, quite an old Atlantic Worldmaster.
  3. No, as far as I remember these are different watches. I just wanted to show how the scope mode looks like. I will do it properly with the same watch tomorrow.
  4. Thanks for the responses, I didn't mean to cause arguments As I see now the whole thing about timegraphers is more complex than I thought. Going back to my homemade device, here's an example of what the software shows in scope mode and a sample analysis it generates. Question: is the signal from microphone strong enough looking at the first picture? Sorry for the poor quality, I'm still getting the laptop connected to the internet.
  5. Thank you, jdm. In scope mode of watch-o-scope the microphone seems a bit quiet that's why I'm asking about a preamp or sort of Yes, the watch is just a first that was nearby to check if it all works.
  6. This is my attempt of making a Timegrapher - like tool. I converted the mono cable from an old Vibrograf microphone stand and connected it to the laptop. I use the Watch-o-scope software and find the signal a bit too weak. It does work but I'm afraid it might be not accurate enough. Does anyone know if vintage vibrografs had a sort of preamp built in the main machine? There's nothing apart from the microphone in my toy and I believe it used to be connected straight to the vibrograph.
  7. Hi! I wanted to introduce myself. My name's Rafal and I come frome quite a watchmakers family My father, grandad and gran's father in law were watchmakers. I picked up a different path in my life but there's a kind of calling that wants me to focus on watches anyway I make handmade watch straps for a few years and do some watch repairs, I also collect vintage watches and clocks. So I complete the equipment (mostly vintage, swiss made tools and machines) and educate myself in this beautiful art of watchmaking. Special credits to Mark for his awesome videos, I really appreciate to actually see how are some repairs done, which is way better than reading about it. Also pleased to meet all the Forum Members! Have a great new year and a lot of successful repairs!