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  1. Thanks guys! For now that sounds good to me. I will post back here if I have any questions or trouble. I am considering Acrylic crystals because they are more shatter resistant than both mineral crystals and Sapphire. Yes, acrylic crystals are brittle, so when you drop them they could develop a crack, but Acrylic crystals don't shatter and fall apart when they crack. It is nowhere as hazardous when cracks happen as fragments will not fly around when a crack happens, and they can maintain a slight degree of splash resistance.
  2. I have actually went over that guide. However I am still confused about the sizing choice of acrylic crystal if the watch was designed originally to go with Mineral Crystal. What I am trying to say is... which one of these is true? I can fit the acrylic crystal into the case using the gasket that came with the original mineral crystal. Could the crystal gasket break or wear out during the assembly of the acrylic? I need to remove the original gasket and fit the acrylic crystal without a gasket. I have heard that Acrylic crystals could provide decent waterproofing without a crystal gasket.
  3. Wow thanks a lot! I got a bunch of homework to do on this... based on what I am understanding, the Acrylic crystals with tension rings could be press-fitted with the crystal press given that we use the correct size of dies, and those crystals would do fine without that plastic gasket, isn't it? What I am confused about is the plastic gasket that was used to friction-fit the mineral crystal in place. Do I remove it before fitting the acrylic crystal? If yes, then I believe that I have to measure the new diameter of the "dial compartment".
  4. Hey there, I accidentally cracked the crystal on my Mondaine watch, and I would like to replace the original mineral crystal with Acrylic. The Original crystal is friction fitted into a plastic gasket. On my vernier calipers, the Original crystal measured at 38.2mm. I have a simple Crystal/Back Cover Press to insert a new crystal, but I assume this approach would be best for replacing with Mineral or Sapphire. Can I use a Crystal Press to friction fit acrylic crystals? Is there a difference in the approach when the new acrylic crystal is flat, low-domed, or high-domed? I am somewhat confused as to the size of the replacement Acrylic Crystal... Do I go with the same size? If not, how much larger? Thanks!
  5. Hello, My father has a watch which has the ISA 8172 Quartz Movement inside. Its battery was dead, so I have bought a brand new battery as a replacement. To my surprise, the new battery did not seem to work; the second hand did not advance, which also prevented the minute and hour hands from moving. Most of the time, the second hand would be completely idle, whereas sometimes it will periodically shake in its place like the second hand of a clock with a near-dead battery. At very rare occasions, the second hand works for a few minutes at most. As a side note, the second hand on this watch is in a subdial. To prove to myself that it's not a battery problem, I tried the chronograph function which worked flawlessly. The central second hand of the chronograph works just fine and the chronograph's minutes subdial has no problems. I have tested the same battery on other watches too. My last resort was to think of any clear obstacle which could prevent the second hand from moving. I decided to disassemble the watch so as to remove the dial which may be an obstacle. Basically, I left the watch movement bare, putting back on only the watch's second hand and the hour hand. Leaving it for a few days, I did not notice any sign of functionality. Is there anything I can do to fix this problem or should I just toss it away for a replacement movement?
  6. Hello, I recently bought an SKX011 in a new condition. I noticed that when I put it next to my ear and I quickly move it away and back to my ear, there is some play in the rotor. I tried different ways to make sure it is only the rotor that is loose, and it definitely is. I am in no way confused between the sound of the rotor when it rotates and the sound of the play in the rotor. I heard that this issue is frequently encountered on 7S26 movements, but is it normal?
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