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  1. All things being equal, why did you select 5002? When it comes to the expensive watches, you have to know your seller. In the past month I have bought for expensive watches from presumably trusted sellers. Two of the four were returned. They claim honest mistakes.
  2. Pip, that was a good question and answered professionally. You need many basic skills from start to finish; and then repetition. Some high end jewelers should ask your exact question. You will fix whatever costumers bring to you. Complications are part of the job.
  3. My name is Kevin. I grew up in Portland Oregon and Hollywood California. I live in Los Angeles, and spend time between LA and a town I cannot pronounce 50km northeast of Bangkok Thailand. I have a few watches and do not fix them. I have had issues with expensive repairs. I would explain but I would hate to get banned so soon. My daily watch is a Seiko SKX007 or a Marathon GSAR. The Maratac SR-9015L is favored over my Submariner, which I cannot explain. My newest is a Seiko Zimbe. None are for sale, which is not allowed here. Good policy. I am on Timezone, Rolex forums and o
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