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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! To all of you generous people. Want to respond to each of you individually, but not seeing how one goes about doing so. How kind of you all to share such useful, and encouraging, information. I've hunted down a couple of working specimens to experiment on. Had to be working, as I'm a compulsive trouble-shooter who loves a good challenge, so I'd drive myself crazy if the timepiece didn't function after I got it back together. So excited to get started. Still trying to decide what knife/opener to get. Yes, I am spending some money for one that will serve me well. But which one? Am also checking out the classes, and putting Mark's videos on a continuous loop. You guys rock! The best of the best is right here. I appreciate ALL OF YOU. ~Blows BIG Kiss~ ~Lace~
  2. How charming, Deborah. Your museum, the sweet George stories, sharing your passion, and even Louis--all warms my heart. Grand. If I make it back across the pond, visiting your museum, and picking up a little something old & pretty, is at the top of my to-do list. You, and your story, has made my day. Quick-- no thinking---what's your favorite clock? *Just curious/snoopy
  3. Greetings masterful wizards. I'm Lace, from Nebraska, which is located in the middle of America. Pleasure "meeting" you. This is some group. I'm more than a bit awestruck by the talent here; a bit envious too. As a neophyte, many post shoot over my head like a meteor shower. Learn something with every post I read. Always "liked" watches, and fell in love when I finally was able to afford a couple sweet skeleton, jeweled tickers. Still have plenty of "knock around," but nice, battery operated watches, which seem to be in sync and die all at once. Decided it didn't make sense to pay to have a bunch of watch batteries changed when I could do it myself- or so I thought. My first attempt, grabbed my trusty Swiss Army knife and commenced prying a couple backs off. Massacred them. Terrible scratches. Didn't really need those two fingers anyway. Ahem. My learning curve isn't as sharp as I'd expected, but my knife sure is. Tell me, good people, how did you get started? (I offered three different jewelers money to show me some of the basic tricks-of-the-trade. They all looked at me as if I'd asked for a kidney, and offered to do any repairs/maintenance for me. Phooey! As a tech/electronic goddess, I'm a DIY'er who has the aptitude to learn this skill. I hope...) Is there a remedial watch course somewhere? Must be. I've also purchased cheap, and worthless tool sets. What are the most useful, and necessary tools does one really need? Appreciate any feedback you have, and I am thoroughly enjoying reading, and mentally grappling with, all your fine posts. Thanks for letting me join the party. Tic-toc. Gotta go save civilization. Tootles for now. ps. Perspective~~~ The photo is the inside of a violin.
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