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  1. Anyone managed to source new mainsprings for these? I tried a few places but no joy.
  2. Anyone have a copy of these..... I have ordered one of these movements after watching the video. Would like to get the paperwork if possible.
  3. I am looking to buy a vintage case to replace the case on an old watch where the lug is broken. The website has measurement such as - fits 11 1/2 ligne movement. So one ligne = 2.25583mm ... so that means that the movement that would fir that case should measure 11.5 x 2.25583 mm = 25.9 mm Is this correct.... or do I go up 1/2 - ligne for the movement spacer?? Cheers Andrew
  4. Of course that photo is the other end of the balance wheel.
  5. Ah yes.... just found that out..... lost an incablock spring..... I thought that they were hinged and could not fly out..... Not So! I then spent a long time looking for said spring before ordering one that I think is the closet on the Incablock site.... that watch is quite old so no part numbers! I took a photo with a 1.2 mm screw driver then blew the image right up and measured the spring against the screw driver and decided that it is a 170.03 Fun Fun Fun..... I hope that the new part fits.
  6. thanks.... I managed to get one apart with the smallest screw driver but I knew that there would be an easy way...... as there always is !
  7. Hello all, My name is Andrew and I am from Sydney. I have recently started disassembling a couple of watches and have found it quite relaxing. I thought that I had better register here as I had a few questions. Such as... how do you get the jewel out of the metal part of the incabloc once you have undone the spring and removed it ? Andrew
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