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  1. Thanks for the responses. So it seems that when the hairspring and balance wheel stop, the chamfer of one of the pallets is able to be engaged by a tooth on the escape wheel, and once the main spring has been wound a few turns it has enough energy to allow the escape wheel to set the balance wheel and hair spring back into motion.
  2. I'm relatively new to mechanical watches and have quickly become fascinated but have an elementary level question that hopefully someone can answer. If the hairspring and balance wheel come to a complete stop due to the main spring running out of power, what is it about winding that sets the balance wheel back into motion? I understand the way the escapement works once it is in motion to input a small amount of energy into the balance wheel, but don't understand how winding alone sets it back into motion. I know with grandfather clocks you have to restart the pendulum manually and I'm w
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