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  1. Thanks for the replies and we very much look forward to getting involved in the forums.
  2. Cartier Basculante watch in it's pivot position. An unusual piece which can presumably be used a bed side clock alternative and also positioned with the glass face down when not wearing (for protection).
  3. HI Cougarnaut, Great resource which I'm sure we will make much use of in the future. Thanks for the post.
  4. Good morning/afternoon! We are In-Time: a watch and jewellery repair company based across 50+ UK locations. We started back in 1981 and since then have repaired millions of watches and jewellery items. We're expanding to even more, popular UK locations with our latest installment being in Preston. We love everything about watches and jewellery so if you have any questions please get in touch. Thanks and looking forward to connecting with you soon! In-Time Watch & Jewellery Repairs.
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