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  1. The Pocket Watch

    Nice! You're a lucky man! You have *LOTS* of room in that cabinet. I'm sure since the two months you've posted the picture you've filled in the gaps right? Would love to see them up close. Thanks for the post!
  2. Ultrasonic Cleaning

    The only experience I've had with ultrasonic cleaning is with automobile stem wound clocks. When I first started cleaning them I would get them all back together and in a short time the mainspring would break. Then somebody tipped me off that it was okay to ultrasonic clean them but don't use any heat. That fixed my problem. Spring material does not like heat. Anyway, that's all I know.
  3. Yorkist

    Welcome Yorkist, wow, 200 watches a week! That's amazing! Well, I think you should get back into the business. LOL! Thanks for the great intro. I enjoyed the read. Take care.
  4. Hello from Ottawa, Canada

    Welcome! Yes, I so agree about Mark's videos! What a guy! I thirst to be able to run a pair of tweezers like he does. It's so much fun to see a master craftsman work. Beautiful!
  5. Hello from Allovertheplace, USA

    Welcome Consuelo, I totally get the "minimalist" approach. I don't live in an RV but my house is full. My biggest complaint is trying to clean really dirty watches without equipment. The Ultrasonic stuff seems promising but one still has to deal with cleaners. Anyway, welcome and enjoy!
  6. Thanks Don, yeah, good point... 'long time beginner' that's it for sure. LOL! I have an older friend who bought his first pocket watch in 1942. A Westclox Scotty. Back when Westclox could actually make a decent dollar watch. Anyway he said that it would run for a few years then it would stop so he'd soak it in stove oil over night and then wipe it off and it would run for another few years. If only it was all that simple hey? LOL! Back when 'about time' was okay. Ha! Best wishes to you Don and thanks for the message.
  7. Hey Folks, thank you so much for really warm welcome. I'm blown away! Forgive for the generic reply as been swamped with work crap. I may have to retire to just keep up with the talk. Ha! Vich, loved your comments on retirement. LOL! Yeah, I think some people in my company think I've stopped working already too. I too have a 'knackered' knee but I try to pound out 40 minutes of walkin' in the hot California sun. Ugh. It would be nice if I could retro the guts of my Fitbit into an old vintage watch. I'd much rather wear something that had some class. dadistic, yeah, I'm finding it hard to retire. Workin' seems to give me some purpose. Though I can't fix pocket watches worth a **BLEEP** now, I can fix customer's e-mail problems and stuff so there's some reward in that. vinn3, LOL! Yeah, I marvel at Mark workin' on somebody's watch that's worth thousands of dollars. I can't imagine it. Love the gold pocket watches too but I can buy so much more junk if I buy the cheap stuff. Ha. Geo, is that a picture of your plane? My boss has a 1947 Luscombe. bobm12, Thanks! Yes, I'm queuing up on the watch projects. Ha! Watched Mark replace a jewel... he makes everything so damn easy looking. The first one I try has the broken off pivot in it. Grrr.... Cad101, for sure, for sure I believe you're spot on with the bottomless pit. "Just one more...", that's what I keep saying. Of course everyone is project. oldhippy, LOL! I have another friend that tells everybody that too. He's into trains. clockboy, thanks a million for the welcome. Yeah, I got a ton of questions. Takes time to get them all documented and then of course checking to see if one is repeating a question answered. RyMoeller, thanks for shout! You're just down the road from me. That's kinda cool! So with all that, I'm goin' to leave you guys with this fortune that came up one of my Linux machines. ---- Everthing is farther away than it used to be. It is even twice as far to the corner and they have added a hill. I have given up running for the bus; it leaves earlier than it used to. It seems to me they are making the stairs steeper than in the old days. And have you noticed the smaller print they use in the newspapers? There is no sense in asking anyone to read aloud anymore, as everbody speaks in such a low voice I can hardly hear them. The material in dresses is so skimpy now, especially around the hips and waist, that it is almost impossible to reach one's shoelaces. And the sizes don't run the way they used to. The 12's and 14's are so much smaller. Even people are changing. They are so much younger than they used to be when I was their age. On the other hand people my age are so much older than I am. I ran into an old classmate the other day and she has aged so much that she didn't recognize me. I got to thinking about the poor dear while I was combing my hair this morning and in so doing I glanced at my own reflection. Really now, they don't even make good mirrors like they used to. Sandy Frazier, "I Have Noticed"
  8. Just got really interested in pocket watches and some watches about a year ago and have been trying to ramp up on the repair side. So far I've broke more stuff than I've fixed. Ha! Good thing I only have been practising on 'scrappers' as Mark would say. Before that I was into alarm clocks. Mostly Westclox. Before that it was automotive clocks. First clock I owned and fixed was a '55 Ford stem wind. Neat clock. I'm a Senior Systems Engineer for a small consulting firm. Mostly Linux admin. I'm past retirement age but still working to feed my new hobby. Ha!