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  1. You are quite welcome we like to help! The hook doesn't appear to be broken , however I would clean up those very rough spots. As far as lubrication you would probably get a different answer from 10 different people. The springs come with somekind of lubricant from the factory, to keep them from rusting. I put a bit of grease in the barrel (more is not better) & if I am using a mainspring winder I put some with my finger to make the spring transfer over to the barrel easier .
  2. You can also at the barrel arbor the hook will only hook one way.
  3. Was this under the balance cock? If it was I have seen something like this before on an american watch . I believe it was to keep the balance stem up just a bit. I know the watch woulden't work without it. I doubt it was factory installed
  4. You are truly amazing with all your knowledge of timepieces.
  5. Here is what I Use 1. Empty 1gal. jug 2. 1/2 gal.of distilled water 3. add 6 ounces of industrial ammonia 4. 2 1/2 oz. Murphy's Oil soap 5. 1/2 oz. cascade dish washer soap. Mix well I won't go into what is in these products that mimics what is in the chemicals they sell at the watch repair places. For one I don't remember , second , I don't want to be scolded for getting them wrong. I put them in my ultrasonic cleaner, ( except for balance wheel & the pallet assembly) because of the jewels) , run a cycle , take the parts & use a soft tooth br
  6. Yes you sure can. I will post it here later. I'm reassembling that pocket watch I showed photos of
  7. This my cause outrage with the purists out there, "i'm sorry if it does" I use a ultrasonic cleaner with a recipe that was given to me by an old watch repair guy. He thought the really expensive cleaner & rinse solutions were a waste of money. Because I clean perhaps one or two pocket watches each month, i agree. I cleaned a Hampden 18s P/W today with my solution and it was really dirty being 100 years old, and all. It turned out great as usual. I rinse with alcohol Do you agree?
  8. Hi John nice to meet you
  9. You came to the right Place Marc
  10. Welcome Hayley That is the first one I have ever seen except on the "Antiques Road Show", hope you get it up and running without too much trouble. Please keep us up to date. T
  11. Welcome to the best forums on the Net
  12. I have one a #8 I believe I got it from Esslinger , It does the job
  13. Thanks for clearing that up. So as " rodabod " said , a slotting file.
  14. You can sure find them on Ebay, all over the place. Just search Ebay for P/W crystals & type in the size in mm
  15. It sounds like your trying to clean up screw threads is that correct? Or the slot for installing the screw?
  16. Great to have you here!
  17. Clearly not my most flattering photo.
  18. Sorry, the eye pieces come in different magnification strength I prefer #7 , I also have a #10 but the focal length is to short for normal use. Also the the higher the magnification the higher the price , and the glass lenses are more expensive than the plastic ones they sell. The plastic ones scratch easily.
  19. I would include an Optivisor with a # 7, I'm old and would be lost without one. Splurge and buy the best screwdrivers you can afford. ( you will be sorry if you don't)
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