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  1. I love Hampden 18s pocket watches & have four that I have restored & probably that many as parts movements. I don't want to know how much time & money I have invested in this beautiful coin silver favorite of mine If it is very important to you for sentimental reasons I would say go for it.
  2. Please give us more information. What exactly have you done so far? Tell us about the watch? Does the second hand stop when the minute hand does, or does it keep ticking? We need more to go on> I'm sure when we put our collected heads together, with the help of everyone on the forum, we will get your problem solved.
  3. Welcome and congratulations on your progress!
  4. You have done a great job so far, you must be a very patient guy.
  5. I want to hear what the missus said?
  6. This isn't my watch just a similar example
  7. https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/168317-rockford-key-wind-set-pw-with-hidden-key Here is a link to more information on the hidden key watch
  8. I read somewhere that the started making these during our "Civil War" for the Army so they woulden't loose the key. That sounds a bit far fetched.
  9. I agree, they came out of the factory bright and shiny
  10. I have never heard of that breed. Thanks
  11. I just finished cleaning & servicing this Waltham 18s 11jewl key wind model 1857 from a run production of 100. It took days to get the case all cleaned up,and it needed a balance staff &mainspring. Also a nice new crystal What interested me in the first place is it has the key built into the crown so you don't lose it. Apparently it wasn't a popular option because it didn't last. I bought it from a guy that didn't know of this feature or he would have charged me a whole lot more.
  12. I also use these removable labels so I don't permanently mark the trays .
  13. I don't believe this is quite the way you should introduce yourself. There are people here who are masters and people who are just beginning to learn. All are welcomed here whatever there skill level. All are treated the same. You well may be able to teach us a thing or two, however you should disseminate your knowledge by answering questions posed by members asking for help. . You will soon be looked to for advice, if your good. How about letting us decide on our own if we can learn from you. Welcome to this friendly Forum where we respect every one & there level of skills
  14. I have Two K&D mainspring winders (wrist & P/W size) they are both very old and work great . I think that huge wooden box of Bergeon individual winders is fantastic looking. To me the expense is unnecessary just to make your bench look fancy. How many mainsprings are a nonprofessional going to rewind?
  15. Well that really stinks! Bergeon products are way over priced & not the quality they were! I myself don't own a canon pinion remover because I work on Pocket watches. Will they refund your money?
  16. You see! , your options are unlimited , everyone has their favorite for various reasons.
  17. Here are two of my 18s Pocket watch movements in them
  18. Welcome to our great forum. The first thing everyone will tell you is, "Don't skimp on tools" you will always & I mean, " always be sorry".
  19. Welcome , and remember no question is is stupid, If you don't know the answer. No one will mock you here.
  20. I use these they are stack able & keep everything in order. You can get them on ebay six per box at Esslinger. here is a link https://www.esslinger.com/watch-movement-trays-plastic-stack-of-6-trays/
  21. Does anyone here have the part numbers for the Bergeon collet closing stakes? I cant seem to find the One I need for my K&D set so I thought I could buy new ones from Bergeon. I'm not concerned whether they will fit the K&D or not. Thanks
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