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  1. I always take photos when I take a pocket watch apart, If it's a movement type I don't have photos of already. You would be surprised how often I look back at them
  2. I forgot a picture of the case
  3. This is a recent acquisition all it really needed was a good cleaning and a mainspring. It is a 6size Seth Thomas made for Montgomery Wards stores. It.s in a beautiful gold box hinge case.
  4. Welcome Mathieson! vinn3 is correct, get a old cheap P/W or two that you can learn on (and most likely break) rather than messing up your Grandfathers. Can we see a photograph ?.
  5. Thanks oldhippy.( I was at woodstock )
  6. Thanks Chopin , Rockford 18 are my favorite.
  7. I just finished repairing a Hamilton #940 21j open face 18size P/W. made in 1909 I have been working on it as I get the parts needed. I cleaned it , replaced the mainspring, balance staff, pallet jewels, top balance stone , and crystal . I had a bit of trouble with the timing , but finally got it to 20 seconds a day, which I can live with. While doing that I finished a painting for an up coming show called "Kathleen Louise Passing Bald Head " So I'm happy today
  8. I think if you keep insisting they will do it ,eventually
  9. Welcome light12pdr, the advice here is worth it's weight in Watches. Also be careful watch repair is addicting.
  10. When doing this type of thing the " Hunt" is the fun part i PM'd you with another place to look
  11. Also do a small drawing of the barrel with the old mainspring so yo remember. Print it and tape it to your bench. After you do a lot of mainsprings it will become second nature. Practice makes perfect, you will be all right ,with a little time
  12. Does any one have recommendations for Lighted USB Digital Microscopes? I have never used one & would like members thoughts on these. Thanks
  13. Radium has a half life of 10,000 years probably more. Madam Curie is in a heavy lead & concrete coffin. All the bed side clocks & most watches had radium dials when I was a kid. I'm still alive. We used to take under our blankets and play army. Just be careful & you'll be OK
  14. Take the advice of "oldhippy" he is the master.
  15. I think you need to start at the Pocket watch data base to get all the information about your watch. Go there and type your watch serial number into it . The site will tell you model, jewel count etc.From there you can search Ebay for the correct model , jewel count & with all the information you have. I'm sorry if I am repeating things you know but I am just assuming, correct me if I'm wrong. Here is a link to the data base. https://pocketwatchdatabase.com/ Now you can begin
  16. I have made the mistake of not marking the hairspring position in the past, I always remember now. It is quite the pain in the backside to do it without.
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