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  1. Here is my K&D winder the only part that needs cleaning is the part that holds the wound spring.
  2. Welcome to the forums, sounds like you will be a great asset
  3. Like oldhippy said Pocket watches got dropped, whether from no chain, throwing your pants in the washer without going through the pockets. Men worked in factories which were very dangerous places. Falling or getting hit by moving equipment was a regular occurrence I would think. Especially with oily hands. My grandfather was a NY Central RR cop & was killed while at work, his Hampden survived and I still carry it sometimes. In the last few years on the auction sites people are selling P/W's with many broken jewels and my opinion is that, inexperienced people bought them too
  4. Welcome , there are people here who can probably answer ant horology question you ask.
  5. I believe the "Watchcraft" unscrew by holding one end and turning the brass tip. However I would just clean the visible parts., you may have a very hard time getting them back together. My K&D set is 80 years old and works great , probably because know one has all these years.
  6. Good to have you with us Neil, what type of watches are you interested in?
  7. I use Novostar I believe it's a good universal grease
  8. Please everyone calm down. If everyone tries to be more civil & less nitpicky, we will be back to normal. Take a deep breath & don't quit the forum you both add a great deal to It.
  9. I will check it out on the map, Thanks
  10. Welcome to the forums! Where in Australia ?, I went to Australia for R&R when serving in Vietnam. Everyone treated us very friendly. I'm still grateful.
  11. Yes I have been there many many times, and the next day I seem to have the magic solution, everything goes perfect. Then I say to myself " You know this Always Happens so next time just leave it until tomorrow, everything will be OK" . However, I never listen to myself.
  12. Looking out my window I saw my old friend " Batman" the neighborhood cat looking for a dry place to nap. We brought him in, dried him off and gave him a nice can of food.
  13. Welcome to the forums, you have found the right place.
  14. My bench is usually messy when I'm working, I had just cleaned up after work.
  15. Thanks, I do like it myself and works great
  16. Welcome Paul, I think you will find all the help you need here.
  17. I will post photos of the Dunes & P/W movement if you want.
  18. Today I was doing three things at once, which Is always a bit iffy for me .I was Cleaning a Rockford 18size P/W movement, I was painting sand dunes and making a oilier & brush rack for my work bench. All the came out better than I expected. Here is the workbench addition.
  19. Very nice work & a very attractive clock One question : What is French chalk, and what is it's purpose? TimFitz
  20. Welcome, Tons of things to learn here, from some great watch people.
  21. Welcome Hans , Hope to hear more from you in the coming weeks.
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