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  1. Here is a link to P/W parts photos these came from IHC185 club by John D. Duvall https://www.dropbox.com/sh/27ej5vl7etzaqzi/AADuOsY6QNnl8heHIweN3OcGa?dl=0
  2. The ultrasonic has never made the hairline cracks larger. I would never try it on dials with larger than hairline cracks. Here is a dial that I ran through both ultrasonic & polident soak. I cant find the before photo. so you will have to take my word.
  3. You are correct, I use polident denture fizzy tablets which works well. I have also used an ultrasonic cleaner with a cleaner I mix up. You will never get the hairline cracks completely but you can get them to be way less noticeable.
  4. I just finished completely taking apart this nice little Rockford 16s P/W Mod.#2 made in 1903. Mostly it was very dirty & the mainspring was broken. (and no hands)It only has 11jewels , but I really like Rockfords. It is also a private label "Chronometer Nacional" Has anyone heard of that. It is a pendent set & wind model. The guy who sold it broke or lost the winding return spring. So he made one out of a paper clip. Well, you can imagine how well that worked. So I took one from an old movement and its up and running and pretty as a picture. In fact here are some pictures.
  5. Welcome Tony, we are glad your with us.
  6. The small etching between the ship & boat paintings is a Genuine Rembrandt etching
  7. I always where an old hardware store Apron I have a grommet at each bottom corner , and two hooks under my bench . When I sit down to work , I hook them up & there is a nice sling to catch things. Just don't forget to unhook yourself when you get up to go pee.
  8. I'm sorry I noticed the date of your post just after I sent the message. I don't know how I got to your read your post. Very weird indeed.
  9. I have two #770 movements with good complete working balance's if you pay the shipping you can have one free.
  10. Hi 2prawns The Hamilton #978 is a size 16 P/W with 17 jewels , one doesen't generally buy P/W hands by hole size, they are purchases by model , maker , and P/W size yours being 16 size. When you buy them sometimes they fit perfectly , but mostly they need to be slightly enlarged using a broaching tool,or the hole needs to be closed a bit (I use a staking tool with a hole closing stake. The people at NAWCC some times don't answer questions like this, we hear will try to answer all questions , especially from new people to watch repair. If we can help with anything else just ask.
  11. If you have a smart phone you don't need a timegrapher, you can download a fairly good one. I use "Clock Tuner" on Play store
  12. Can anyone recommend a small bench buffer for watch repair?
  13. Welcome tchalla it's good to have you here
  14. Danny We have all been there, know one who isn't highly experienced in watch repair could ever do what you attempted. I believe you have a few choices on where to go from here. 1. Take it to a shop & have your heirloom fixed & serviced. 2. You could put that watch safely away , until you learn how to repair watches. Which you can do right here! You can purchase a basic watch movement & take Marks great course. That's if your really interested in fixing watches , if not go to step 1, there will be setbacks at first (which we all hav
  15. Nice work!! Now you can build other useful tools like this screwdriver sharpening rig.
  16. I have a Waltham 18s Key wind in a case with markings I have never seen before. I'm assuming it is not an American case by the makers mark. Can anyone recognize this case mark? The case screw marks seem to indicate this was the the original case.
  17. Your correct I cut the railing because it hurt my forearms. I also made a little rack for my oilers & brush.
  18. That's kind of how I got started, and not much has changed except I bought one of those little bench top things from Esslinger here is a photo
  19. Oldhippy may be a Moderator but he knows more about timepieces than most of us put together! I wish I had as much technical help to offer the good people on this site as he does! Even 1/10th of his horology wisdom. Instead I stumble around giving my thoughts on what sharpening stone is the best, and mundane information like that. Or deciding weather this word or that word is politically correct? We have to be more civil in this world of barbarians world we live in today.
  20. Welcome! Great place to learn & share.
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