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  1. Well, it's Hurricane season again here on Oak Island  North Carolina & Florence is almost upon us. Oak Island is "Cape Fear"  we are under a mandatory evacuation because it will hit us Friday early Saturday. I have lived here for 25years & we have had some big tropical storms & 4 hurricanes. So this will be number five.

    Only about half of the residents leave " we stay". So keep a good thought for us. 


  2. I acquired this tiny watch with 9 other watches described as  American "Dollar Watches" for  $50. It was clear from the moment I opened the box this was no american dollar watch. The movement looked swiss and the case was black. It looked to me to be silver. I cleaned it up & it is coin silver. With 10 jewels. It is a tiny ladies watch. " Cylindre Remontior 10 rubis" is engraved on the case.

    Anyone here able to give me help with Id it is about 1" in diamater 33mm?





  3. Thanks Bill

    I have come across this many times with American pocket watches  & it is usually that the balance staff is not in the upper jewel hole. or that jewel is either broken or made larger. Which makes for a wobble. Or the bottom of the staff is not in it's jewel hole.

    You are going to have to take it apart and inspect the jewel for cracks or enlargement. If its ok you are going to have to make sure the top if the staff is in the jewel hole when you reinstall the balance. If that's not the problem the we will move on from there.

  4. It seems to me that the balance stem is not seated in the upper jewel. The upper jewel could be broken.Take a look at it with a loop.

    The upper balance staff is easy to break when reinstalling the balance.There are two jewels in the upper & two in the lower, the lower jewel of the two keeps the staff from wobbling while the upper is what the staff rides on and the reverse holds true on the bottom.:)


  5. Welcome to WRT        :)                                                                         My watch cleaning machine works perfectly every time. That's because it's me. Part of the "fun, challenge,learning " comes with doing it by hand. But that's just me.

    If I had a business where I had a bunch in the " Q " I would want a machine.

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