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  1. Not maybe as much as i should have done, finished the circuit but must have a schoolboy somewhere, becasue i got a signal but not from the mic seemed like electrical hum and the software couldn't detect the tick. I swapped out the 0.1 capacitor from the input mic and now it seems to be doing even less. Back to the drawing board later next week when i am back from work. ( i will test more this time) Its late here so i have parked the amp for tonight, out of curiosity though i tested the mic using a FIIO E17 DAC and Headphone amp, i got better results than i expected.
  2. Doh, thank you; I will order up a new one. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Yes sorry it's that version not the original, please excuse my rubbish soldering
  4. Any pointers on recreating your original circuit diagram onto a Strip board, i have recreated the power section of the amp but i am getting 9v where i should be getting vgnd 3.6v. from what i can see Pin4 and Pin11 on the TL074 pretty much wire straight to the battery with the other components around it, sorry if this is a daft question i am getting slightly confused with the assembly of the circuit. I am a complete novice with electronics Just to confirm, does the Battery negative run on the same ground line as R9,C8,C9,C10 and C11 ?
  5. Thanks guys, i will look over these, i may need to take it to a local watch smith to get the jewel fit properly; given the new swatch supply chain rules i don't want to damage a plate i may not be able to replace
  6. Hi Unfortunately i do not, i assume they cannot just be pushed out and pooped back in, is this a alignment concern. Luckily i have found a 2892 a2 main plate as a temp fix, the damaged one is form a Omega 2200 and i really want the original main plate in use and not a generic 2892
  7. I have been experiencing issues with my 2892 a2, i have a damaged Jewel in the main plate, the jewel for the third wheel is cracked, unfortunately i have little or no power though the drive train and shocking amplitude (108) I have had a look around but cant seem to find where to source a new jewel, are they available or am i looking at a new main plate ? Many thanks in advance
  8. I have had a look at APO, while waiting form the parts to build my amp, all i receive is a error from Watch O Scope "Unable to open audio input device, the specified format is not supported or cannot be translated, use the capabilities function to determine the supported formats" I am struggling to see what the capabilities function is. What if any specific settings have been successful with APO ? Many Thanks
  9. Just a quick hello to everyone, like all of us on here i have a passion for watches. Fixed a few watches successfully, broke just as many movements (a little bit of knowledge is dangerous, lol) Anyway hoping to listen and learn from the members on here
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